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Badii, A., Einig, M., Tiemann, M., Thiemert, D. and Lallah, C. (2012) Visual context identification for privacy-respecting video analytics. In: IEEE 14th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP 2012), 17-19 Sep 2012, Banff, Canada, pp. 366-371.


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Hameed, S. and Badii, A. (2012) Effectiveness and measurement of technology enhanced learning in Higher Education institutions of Pakistan. In: SOLSTICE & CLTR 2012: Enhancing learning, teaching and student success, 13-14 Jun 2012, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk.

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Hussey, R., Williams, S., Mitchell, R. and Field, I. (2012) A comparison of automated keyphrase extraction techniques and of automatic evaluation vs. human evaluation. International Journal on Advances in Life Sciences, 4 (3 and 4). pp. 136-153. ISSN 1942-2660


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Molina, S., Soto, I., Sun, L. and Liu, K. (2012) Pervasive environment for gases detection and collapses in underground mines. In: Material Research and Applications. Advanced Materials Research, 875-877. Trans Tech Publications, Durnten-Zurich, Switzerland, pp. 2056-2061. doi:


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Williams, S., Fleming, S., Lundqvist, K. and Parslow, P. (2012) This is me: digital identity and reputation on the Internet. In: Warburton, S. and Hatzipanagos, S. (eds.) Digital identities and social media. IGI Global, United Kingdom, pp. 104-117. doi:

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