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Addy, J. W. G., Ellis, R. H., MacLaren, C., Macdonald, A. J., Semenov, M. A. and Mead, A. (2022) A heteroskedastic model of park grass spring hay yields in response to weather suggests continuing yield decline with climate change in future decades. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 19 (193). ISSN 1742-5662 doi:

Arévalo-Hernández, C. O., Arévalo-Gardini, E., Farfan, A., Amaringo-Gomez, M., Daymond, A., Zhang, D. and Baligar, V. C. (2022) Growth and nutritional responses of juvenile wild and domesticated cacao genotypes to soil acidity. Agronomy, 12 (12). 3124. ISSN 2073-4395 doi:

Bell, L. ORCID:, Chadwick, M., Puranik, M. ORCID:, Tudor, R., Methven, L. and Wagstaff, C. ORCID: (2022) Quantitative trait loci analysis of glucosinolate, sugar, and organic acid concentrations in Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa. Molecular Horticulture, 2 (1). 23. ISSN 2730-9401 doi:

Bellamy, S., Shaw, M. and Xu, X. (2022) Field application of Bacillus subtilis and Aureobasidium pullulans to reduce Monilinia laxa post-harvest rot on cherry. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 163. pp. 761-766. ISSN 1573-8469 doi:

Bishop, J. ORCID:, Garratt, M. P. D. and Nakagawa, S. (2022) Animal pollination increases stability of crop yield across spatial scales. Ecology Letters, 25 (9). pp. 2034-2047. ISSN 1461-0248 doi:

Biss, A. J. and Ellis, R. H. (2022) Weather potential for high-quality still wine from Chardonnay viticulture in different regions of the UK with climate change. OENO One, 56 (4). pp. 201-220. ISSN 2494-1271 doi:

Brittain, C., Benke, S., Pecze, R., Potts, S. G. ORCID:, Peris-Felipo, F. J. ORCID: and Vasileiadis, V. P. (2022) Flower margins: attractiveness over time for different pollinator groups. Land, 11 (11). 1933. ISSN 2073-445X doi:

Collinge, D. B., Funck Jensen, D., Rabiey, M., Sarrocco, S., Shaw, M. and Shaw, R. H. (2022) Biological control of plant diseases – what has been achieved and what is the direction? Plant Pathology, 71 (5). pp. 1024-1047. ISSN 0032-0862 doi:

Ellis, R. H. (2022) The J. Derek Bewley Career Lecture. Seeds-plants-crops-biodiversity-environment-people: illustrating understanding and ideas. Seed Science Research, 32 (3). pp. 118-125. ISSN 0960-2585 doi:

Ellis, R. H. (2022) Seed ageing, survival, and the improved seed viability equation; forty years on. Seed Science and Technology, 50 (Suppl. 1). pp. 1-20. ISSN 0251-0952 doi:

Gregory, P. J. ORCID: (2022) Are plant roots only “in” soil or are they “of” it? Roots, soil formation and function. European Journal of Soil Science, 73 (1). e13219. ISSN 1365-2389 doi:

Gregory, P. J. ORCID:, George, T. S. and Paterson, E. (2022) New methods for new questions about rhizosphere/plant root interactions. Plant and Soil, 476. pp. 699-712. ISSN 0032-079X doi:

Gubb, C., Blanusa, T., Griffiths, A. and Pfrang, C. (2022) Potted plants can remove the pollutant nitrogen dioxide indoors. Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health, 15. pp. 479-490. ISSN 1873-9318 doi:

Karisto, P., Suffert, F. and Mikaberidze, A. (2022) Measuring splash-dispersal of a major wheat pathogen in the field. PhytoFrontiers, 2 (1). pp. 1-83. ISSN 2690-5442 doi:

Karlström, A. ORCID:, Gómez-Cortecero, A., Nellist, C. F. ORCID:, Ordidge, M. ORCID:, Dunwell, J. M. ORCID: and Harrison, R. J. ORCID: (2022) Identification of novel genetic regions associated with resistance to European canker in apple. BMC Plant Biology, 22 (1). 452. ISSN 1471-2229 doi:

Kourani, M., Mohareb, F., Rezwan, F. I., Anastasiadi, M. and Hammond, J. P. ORCID: (2022) Genetic and physiological responses to heat stress in Brassica napus. Frontiers in Plant Science, 13. 832147. ISSN 1664-462X doi:

Li, L., Li, M., Wu, J., Yin, H., Dunwell, J. M. ORCID: and Zhang, S. (2022) Genome-wide identification and comparative evolutionary analysis of sorbitol metabolism pathway genes in four Rosaceae species and three model plants. BMC Plant Biology, 22 (1). 341. ISSN 1471-2229 doi:

Li, Y., Yang, X., Liu, H., Wang, W., Wang, C., Ding, G., Xu, F., Wang, S., Cai, H., Hammond, J. P. ORCID:, White, P. J., Shabala, S., Yu, M. and Shi, L. ORCID: (2022) Local and systemic responses conferring acclimation of Brassica napus roots to low phosphorus conditions. Journal of Experimental Botany, 73 (14). pp. 4753-4777. ISSN 0022-0957 doi:

Lidbury, I. D. E. A. ORCID:, Raguideau, S., Borsetto, C. ORCID:, Murphy, A. R. J. ORCID:, Bottrill, A., Liu, S., Stark, R., Fraser, T., Goodall, A., Jones, A., Bending, G. D., Tibbett, M. ORCID:, Hammond, J. P. ORCID:, Quince, C., Scanlan, D. J., Pandhal, J. ORCID: and Wellington, E. M. H. ORCID: (2022) Stimulation of distinct rhizosphere bacteria drives phosphorus and nitrogen mineralization in oilseed rape under field conditions. mSystems, 7 (4). ISSN 2379-5077 doi:

Liu, H., Wang, W., Yang, M., Yuan, P., Hammond, J. P. ORCID:, King, G. J., Ding, G., White, P. J., Wang, S., Cai, H., Wang, C., Lu, C., Xu, F. and Shi, L. (2022) Genome‐wide association studies of important agronomic traits in Brassica napus: what we have learned and where we are headed. Annual Plant Reviews online, 5 (2). pp. 151-180. ISSN 2639-3832 doi:

McDonald, B. A., Suffert, F., Bernasconi, A. and Mikaberidze, A. (2022) How large and diverse are field populations of fungal plant pathogens? The case of Zymoseptoria tritici. Evolutionary Applications, 15 (9). pp. 1360-1373. ISSN 1752-4571 doi:

Monticelli, L. S., Bishop, J. ORCID:, Desneux, N., Gurr, G. M., Jaworski, C. C., McLean, A. H. C., Thomine, E. and Vanbergen, A. J. (2022) Multiple global change impacts on parasitism and biocontrol services in future agricultural landscapes. Advances in Ecological Research, 65. pp. 245-304. ISSN 0065-2504 doi:

Murphy, A. R. J., Scanlan, D. J. ORCID:, Chen, Y. ORCID:, Bending, G. D., Hammond, J. P. ORCID:, Wellington, E. M. H. and Lidbury, I. D. E. A. ORCID: (2022) 2‐Aminoethylphosphonate utilization in Pseudomonas putida BIRD ‐1 is controlled by multiple master regulators. Environmental Microbiology, 24 (4). pp. 1902-1917. ISSN 1462-2912 doi:

Necajeva, J. ORCID:, Royo‐Esnal, A., Loddo, D., Jensen, P., Taab, A., Synowiec, A. ORCID:, Uludag, A., Uremis, I., Murdoch, A., Bochenek, A., Onofri, A. and Torresen, K. (2022) Phenological development of barnyard grass plants originating from different geographical locations. Agronomy Journal, 114 (6). pp. 3407-3419. ISSN 1435-0645 doi:

Puspitasari, W., Allemann, B., Angra, D. ORCID:, Appleyard, H., Ecke, W., Möllers, C., Nolte, T., Purves, R. W., Renner, C., Robertson-Shersby-Harvie, T., Tacke, R., Windhorst, A., Yaman, S. and Link, W. (2022) NIRS for vicine and convicine content of faba bean seed allowed GWAS to prepare for marker-assisted adjustment of seed quality of German winter faba beans. Journal of Cultivated Plants, 74 (01-02). ISSN 1867-0938 doi:

Royo-Esnal, A., Onofri, A., Loddo, D., Necajeva, J., Jensen, P. K., Economou, G., Taab, A., Synowiec, A., Calha, I. M., Andersson, L., Uludag, A., Uremis, I., Murdoch, A. J. and Tørresen, K. S. (2022) Comparing the emergence of Echinochloa crus-galli populations in different locations. Part I: variations in emergence timing and behaviour of two populations. Weed Research, 62 (3). pp. 192-202. ISSN 0043-1737 doi:

Royo-Esnal, A., Onofri, A., Taab, A., Loddo, D., Necajeva, J., Uludag, A., Synowiec, A., Calha, I. M., Lars, A., Jensen, P. K., Uremis, I., Economou, G., Murdoch, A. J. and Tørresen, K. S. (2022) Comparing the emergence of Echinochloa crus-galli populations in different locations. Part II: similarities and threshold parameters. Weed Research, 62 (3). pp. 203-214. ISSN 0043-1737 doi:

Ryalls, J. M. W. ORCID:, Bromfield, L. M., Bell, L. ORCID:, Jasper, J., Mullinger, N. J., Blande, J. D. and Girling, R. D. ORCID: (2022) Concurrent anthropogenic air pollutants enhance recruitment of a specialist parasitoid. Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, 289 (1986). 20221692. ISSN 1471-2954 doi:

Sharma, R., Cockram, J., Gardner, K. A., Russell, J., Ramsay, L., Thomas, W. T. B., O'Sullivan, D. M. ORCID:, Powell, W. and Mackay, I. J. ORCID: (2022) Trends of genetic changes uncovered by Env- and Eigen-GWAS in wheat and barley. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 135. pp. 667-678. ISSN 0040-5752 doi:

Thierfelder, C., Paterson, E., Mwafulirwa, L. ORCID:, Daniell, T. J., Cairns, J. E., Mhlanga, B. and Baggs, E. M. (2022) Towards greater sustainability - how investing in soil health may enhance maize productivity in southern Africa. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 37 (2). pp. 166-177. ISSN 1742-1713 doi:

Venison, E. P., Litthauer, S., Laws, P., Denancé, C., Fernández-Fernández, F., Durel, C.-E. and Ordidge, M. ORCID: (2022) Microsatellite markers as a tool for active germplasm management and bridging the gap between national and local collections of apple. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 68. pp. 1817-1832. ISSN 0925-9864 doi:

Vignati, E., Lipska, M., Dunwell, J. M. ORCID:, Caccamo, M. and Simkin, A. J. (2022) Fruit development in sweet cherry. Plants, 11 (12). 1531. ISSN 2223-7747 doi:

Vignati, E., Lipska, M., Dunwell, J. M. ORCID:, Caccamo, M. ORCID: and Simkin, A. J. ORCID: (2022) Options for the generation of seedless cherry, the ultimate snacking product. Planta, 256 (5). 90. ISSN 1432-2048 doi:

Warsame, A. O. ORCID:, Michael, N., O'Sullivan, D. M. ORCID: and Tosi, P. (2022) Seed development and protein accumulation patterns in faba bean (Vicia faba, L.). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 70 (30). pp. 9295-9304. ISSN 0021-8561 doi:

Yang, X., Zhang, K., Nvsvrot, T., Zhang, Y., Cai, G., Huang, L., Ren, W., Ding, Y., Hammond, J. P. ORCID:, Shi, L. ORCID: and Wang, N. ORCID: (2022) Phosphate (Pi) stress‐responsive transcription factors PdeWRKY6 and PdeWRKY65 regulate the expression of PdePHT1;9 to modulate tissue Pi concentration in poplar. The Plant Journal, 111 (6). pp. 1753-1767. ISSN 0960-7412 doi:

Zuo, J.-F., Ikram, M., Liu, J.-Y., Han, C.-Y., Niu, Y., Dunwell, J. M. ORCID: and Zhang, Y.-M. (2022) Domestication and improvement genes reveal the differences of seed size- and oil-related traits in soybean domestication and improvement. Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, 20. pp. 2951-2964. ISSN 20010370 doi:

de Silva, K. K. ORCID:, Dunwell, J. M. ORCID: and Wickramasuriya, A. M. ORCID: (2022) Weighted Gene Correlation Network Analysis (WGCNA) of Arabidopsis Somatic Embryogenesis (SE) and identification of key gene modules to uncover SE-associated hub genes. International Journal of Genomics, 2022. 7471063. ISSN 2314-436X doi:

Book or Report Section

Chalmin-Pui, L. S. and Blanusa, T. (2022) Health and the role of nature in enhancing mental health. In: Brears, R. (ed.) The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Futures. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. ISBN 9783030518127 doi:

Daymond, A. and Bekele, F. (2022) Cacao. In: Priyadarshan, P. and Mohan Jain, S. (eds.) Cash Crops. Biomedical and Life Sciences. Springer, pp. 23-53. ISBN 9783030749255 doi:


Cummins, S. (2022) The impact of grassland sward composition on N2O emissions and emissions intensity. PhD thesis, University of Reading. doi:

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