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Bohnenstengel, S. I., Belcher, S. E., Aiken, A., Allan, J. D., Allen, G., Bacak, A., Bannan, T. J., Barlow, J. F., Beddows, D. C. S., Bloss, W. J., Booth, A. M., Chemel, C., Coceal, O., Di Marco, C. F., Dubey, M. K., Faloon, K. H., Fleming, Z. L., Furger, M., Gietl, J. K., Graves, R. R., Green, D. C., Grimmond, C. S. B., Halios, C. H., Hamilton, J. F., Harrison, R. M., Heal, M. R., Heard, D. E., Helfter, C., Herndon, S. C., Holmes, R. E., Hopkins, J. R., Jones, A. M., Kelly, F. J., Kotthaus, S., Langford, B., Lee, J. D., Leigh, R. J., Lewis, A. C., Lidster, R. T., Lopez-Hilfiker, F. D., McQuaid, J. B., Mohr, C., Monks, P. S., Nemitz, E., Ng, N. L., Percival, C. J., Prévôt, A. S. H., Ricketts, H. M. A., Sokhi, R., Stone, D., Thornton, J. A., Tremper, A. H., Valach, A. C., Visser, S., Whalley, L. K., Williams, L. R., Xu, L., Young, D. E. and Zotter, P. (2015) Meteorology, air quality, and health in London: the ClearfLo project. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 96 (5). pp. 779-804. ISSN 1520-0477 doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-12-00245.1

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Martin, D., Price, C. S., White, I. R., Nickless, G., Petersson, K. F., Britter, R. E., Robins, A. G., Belcher, S. E., Barlow, J. F., Neophytou, M., Arnold, S. J., Tomlin, A. S., Smalley, R. J. and Shallcross, D. E. (2010) Urban tracer dispersion experiments during the second DAPPLE field campaign in London 2004. Atmospheric Environment, 44 (25). pp. 3043-3052. ISSN 1352-2310 doi: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2010.05.007

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Book or Report Section

Barlow, J. (2013) The wind that shakes the buildings: wind engineering from a boundary layer meteorology perspective. In: Owen, J. S., Sterling, M., Hargreaves, D. M. and Baker, C. J. (eds.) Fifty Years of Wind Engineering: Prestige Lectures from the Sixth European and African Conference on Wind Engineering. Birmingham University Press. ISBN 9780704428348

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Dixon, T., Barlow, J., Grimmond, S. and Blower, J., (2015) Smart and sustainable: using Big Data to improve peoples' lives in cities. Discussion Paper. University of Reading, Reading. ISSN 2058-9751

Barlow, J. and Coceal, O., (2008) A review of urban roughness sublayer turbulence. Technical Report. Met Office

Conference or Workshop Item

Vahdati, M., Nobile, R., Barlow, J. and Mewburn-Crook, A. (2011) Dynamic stall for a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in a two-dimensional study. In: World Renewable Energy Congress , 8-13th May 2011, Linköping University, Sweden. (Volume 15 (Wind Energy Applications) )

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