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Audretsch, D. B., Belitski, M. and Eicher, G. (2020) Bilingualism and regional entrepreneurship. Annals of Regional Science. ISSN 1432-0592 doi:

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Book or Report Section

Belitski, M. and Godley, A. (2020) The synergy approach to understand entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem taxonomy. In: Tsvetkova, A., Schmutzler, J. and Pugh, R. (eds.) Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Meet Innovation Systems: Synergies, Policy Lessons and Overlooked Dimensions. Edward Elgar. ISBN 9781789901177

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Delgado-Marquez, B. L., Belitski, M. and Delgado, L. (2013) The role of individual’s social networks density on their transfer of trust behaviours and expectations: a social capital approach. In: Gefen, D. (ed.) Psychology of trust: new research. Psychology of emotions, motivations and actions. Nova Science Publishers, New York, pp. 305-324. ISBN 9781628085525

Conference or Workshop Item

Belitski, M., Li, W. (V.) and Liu, K. (2015) E-leadership in organisations: facilitating IT-business alignment for innovation and high-growth. In: The 23rd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2015), May 26th 2015, Münster, Germany.

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