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Harrison, Giles ORCID logoORCID:, Nicoll, Keri, Joshi, Manoj and Hawkins, Ed ORCID logoORCID: (2022) Empirical evidence for multidecadal scale global atmospheric electric circuit modulation by the El Niño-southern oscillation. Environmental Research Letters. ISSN 1748-9326 doi: (In Press)

Wilder, Thomas, Zhai, Xiaoming, Munday, David and Joshi, Manoj (2022) The response of a baroclinic anticyclonic eddy to relative wind stress forcing. Journal of Physical Oceanography, 52 (9). pp. 2129-2142. ISSN 0022-3670 doi:

Herbert, Ross, Wilcox, Laura J. ORCID logoORCID:, Joshi, Manoj, Highwood, Ellie and Frame, David (2021) Nonlinear response of Asian summer monsoon precipitation to emission reductions in South and East Asia. Environmental Research Letters, 17 (1). 014005. ISSN 1748-9326 doi:

Rai, Praveen, Joshi, Manoj, Dimri, A. P. and Turner, Andy (2018) The role of potential vorticity anomalies in the Somali Jet on Indian summer monsoon intraseasonal variability. Climate Dynamics, 50 (11-12). pp. 4149-4169. ISSN 0930-7575 doi:

Joshi, Manoj, von Glasow, Roland, Smith, Robin S., Paxton, Charles G.M., Maycock, Amanda C., Lunt, Daniel J., Loptson, Claire and Markwick, Paul (2017) Global warming and ocean stratification: a potential result of large extraterrestrial impacts. Geophysical Research Letters, 44 (8). pp. 3841-3848. ISSN 0094-8276 doi:

Nowack, Peer J., Abraham, N. Luke, Maycock, Amanda C., Braesicke, Peter, Gregory, Jonathan M, Joshi, Manoj M, Osprey, Annette and Pyle, John A. (2015) A large ozone-circulation feedback and its implications for global warming assessments. Nature Climate Change, 5 (1). pp. 41-45. ISSN 1758-678X doi:

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Turner, A. G., Joshi, M., Robertson, E. S. and Woolnough, S. J. (2012) The effect of Arabian Sea optical properties on SST biases and the South Asian summer monsoon in a coupled GCM. Climate Dynamics, 39 (3-4). pp. 811-826. ISSN 1432-0894 doi:

Scholze, Marko, Allen, Icarus, Collins, Bill, Cornell, Sarah E., Huntingford, Chris, Joshi, Manoj, Lowe, Jason, Smith, Robin and Wild, Oliver (2012) Earth system models: a tool to understand changes in the Earth system. In: Cornell, S.E., Prentice, I.C. and House, J.I. (eds.) Understanding the Earth system: global change science for application. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 129-159. ISBN 9781107009363

Ackerley, D., Joshi, Manoj M., Highwood, Ellie J., Ryder, Claire L., Harrison, M. A. J., Walters, D. N., Milton, S. F. and Strachan, Jane (2012) A comparison of two dust uplift schemes within the same general circulation model. Advances in Meteorology, 2012. 260515. ISSN 1687-9309 doi:

Joshi, Manoj, Hawkins, Ed, Sutton, Rowan, Lowe, Jason and Frame, Dave (2011) Projections of when temperature change will exceed 2°C above pre-industrial levels. Nature Climate Change, 1 (8). pp. 407-412. ISSN 1758-678X doi:

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Ackerley, D., Highwood, E. J., Harrison, M, McConnell, Claire, Joshi, M. M., Walters, D, Milton, S, Greed, G and Brooks, M (2009) The development of a new dust uplift scheme in the Met Office Unified Model. Meteorological Applications, 16 (4). pp. 445-460. ISSN 1469-8080 doi:

Joshi, Manoj (2009) The effect of ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) on Ashes series results in Australia. Weather, 64 (7). pp. 178-180. ISSN 1477-8696 doi:

Joshi, Manoj and Gregory, Jonathan (2008) Dependence of the land-sea contrast in surface climate response on the nature of the forcing. Geophysical Research Letters, 35 (24). L24802. ISSN 0094-8276 doi:

Joshi, Manoj M., Gregory, Jonathan M., Webb, Mark J., Sexton, David M.H. and Johns, Tim C. (2008) Mechanisms for the land/sea warming contrast exhibited by simulations of climate change. Climate Dynamics, 30 (5). pp. 455-465. ISSN 0930-7575 doi:

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Joshi, M.M., Shine, K.P., Ponater, M., Stuber, N., Sausen, R. and Li, L. (2003) A comparison of climate response to different radiative forcings in three general circulation models: towards an improved metric of climate change. Climate Dynamics, 20. pp. 843-854.

Joshi, M M, Lawrence, B N and Lewis, S R (1996) The effect of spatial variations in unresolved topography on gravity wave drag in the Martian atmosphere. Geophysical Research Letters, 23 (21). pp. 2927-2930. ISSN 0094-8276 doi:

Joshi, M M, Lawrence, B N and Lewis, S R (1995) Gravity wave drag in three-dimensional atmospheric models of Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research, 100 (E10). pp. 21235-21245. ISSN 0148-0227 doi:

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