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Fiedler, S., Naik, V., O'Connor, F. M., Smith, C. J., Pincus, R., Griffiths, P., Kramer, R., Takemura, T., Allen, R. J., Im, U., Kasoar, M., Modak, A., Turnock, S., Voulgarakis, A., Watson-Parris, D., Westervelt, D. M., Wilcox, Laura J. ORCID logoORCID:, Zhao, Alcide ORCID logoORCID:, Collins, William J. ORCID logoORCID:, Schulz, M., Myhre, G. and Forster, P. M. (2023) Interactions between atmospheric composition and climate change - progress in understanding and future opportunities from AerChemMIP, PDRMIP, and RFMIP. Geoscientific Model Development Discussions. ISSN 1991-962X doi: (In Press)

Stevenson, David S., Derwent, Richard G., Wild, Oliver and Collins, William J. ORCID logoORCID: (2022) COVID-19 lockdown emission reductions have the potential to explain over half of the coincident increase in global atmospheric methane. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 22 (21). pp. 14243-14252. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

Hauglustaine, Didier, Paulot, Fabien, Collins, William ORCID logoORCID:, Derwent, Richard, Sand, Maria and Boucher, Olivier (2022) Climate benefit of a future hydrogen economy. Communications Earth and Environment, 3 (1). 295. ISSN 2662-4435 doi: (In Press)

Sokhi, Ranjeet S., Tiwari, P. R., de Medeiros, Joanna S. N., Folberth, Gerd A. and Collins, William J. ORCID logoORCID: (2021) Changes in extreme events over Asia for present and future climate conditions based on a modelling analysis of atmospheric circulation anomalies. Theoretical and Applied Climatology. ISSN 1434-4483 doi:

Smith, C. J., Harris, G. R., Palmer, M. D., Bellouin, N. ORCID logoORCID:, Collins, W. ORCID logoORCID:, Myhre, G., Schulz, M., Golaz, J.-C., Ringer, M., Storelvmo, T. and Forster, P. M. (2021) Energy budget constraints on the time history of aerosol forcing and climate sensitivity. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 126 (13). e2020JD033622. ISSN 2169-8996 doi:

Hayman, Garry D., Comyn-Platt, Edward, Huntingford, Chris, Harper, Anna B., Powell, Tom, Cox, Peter M., Collins, William J. ORCID logoORCID:, Webber, Chris, Lowe, Jason Anthony, Sitch, Stephen, House, Joanna I., Doelmann, Jonathan C., van Vuuren, Detlef P., Chadburn, Sarah E., Burke, Eleanor J. and Gedney, Nicola (2021) Regional variation in the effectiveness of methane-based and land-based climate mitigation options. Earth System Dynamics Discussions, 12 (2). pp. 513-544. ISSN 2190-4987 doi:

Allen, Robert J, Horowitz, Larry W, Naik, Vaishali, Oshima, Naga, O'Connor, Fiona, Turnock, Steven, Shim, Sungbo, Le Sager, Phillipe, Van Noije, Twan, Tsigaridis, Kostas, Bauer, Susanne E, Sentman, Lori T, John, Jasmin G, Broderick, Conor, Deushi, Makoto, Folberth, Gerd, Fujimori, Shinichiro and Collins, Bill ORCID logoORCID: (2021) Significant climate benefits from near-term climate forcer mitigation in spite of aerosol reductions. Environmental Research Letters, 16. 034010. ISSN 1748-9326 doi:

Thornhill, Gill, Collins, Bill ORCID logoORCID:, Olivie, Dirk, Skeie, Ragnhild, Archibald, Alex, Bauer, Susanne, Checa-Garcia, Ramiro, Fiedler, Stephanie, Folberth, Gerd, Gjermundsen, Ada, Horowitz, Larry, Lamarque, Jean-Francois, Michou, Martine, Mulcahy, Jane, Nabat, Pierre, Naik, Vaishali, O'Connor, Fiona O'Connor, Paulot, Fabien, Schulz, Michael, Scott, Catherine E., Seferian, Roland, Smith, Chris, Takemura, Toshiko, Tilmes, Simone, Tsigaridis, Kostas and Weber, James (2021) Climate-driven chemistry and aerosol feedbacks in CMIP6 Earth system models. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21 (2). pp. 1105-1126. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

Thornhill, Gill, Collins, Bill ORCID logoORCID:, Kramer, Ryan J., Olivie, Dirk, Skeie, Ragnhild B., O'Connor, Fiona, Abraham, Luke, Checa-Garcia, Ramiro, Bauer, Susanne, Deushi, Makoto, Emmons, Louisa K., Forster, Piers, Horowitz, Larry, Johnson, Ben, Keeble, James, Lamarque, Jean-Francois, Michou, Martine, Mills, Mike, Mulcahy, Jane, Myhre, Gunnar, Nabat, Pierre, Naik, Vaishali, Oshima, Naga, Schulz, Michael, Smith, Christopher J., Takemura, Toshihiko, Tilmes, Simone, Wu, Tongwen, Zeng, Guang and Zhang, Jie (2021) Effective radiative forcing from emissions of reactive gases and aerosols – a multi-model comparison. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21 (2). pp. 853-874. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

Mansfield, L. A., Nowack, P. J., Kasoar, M., Everitt, R. G., Collins, W. J. and Voulgarakis, A. (2020) Predicting global patterns of long-term climate change from short-term simulations using machine learning. npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, 3 (1). 44. ISSN 2397-3722 doi:

Stevenson, David S., Zhao, Alcide, Naik, Vaishali, O'Connor, Fiona M, Tilmes, Simone, Zeng, Guang, Murray, Lee T, Collins, Bill ORCID logoORCID:, Griffiths, Paul, Shim, Sungbo, Horowitz, Larry W, Sentman, Lori T and Emmons, Louisa (2020) Trends in global tropospheric hydroxyl radical and methane lifetime since 1850 from AerChemMIP. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20. pp. 12905-12920. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

Smith, Christopher J, Kramer, Ryan J, Myhre, Gunnar, Alterskjær, Kari, Collins, William, Sima, Adriana, Boucher, Olivier, Dufresne, Jean-Louis, Nabat, Pierre, Michou, Martine, Yukimoto, Seiji, Cole, Jason, Paynter, David, Shiogama, Hideo, O'Connor, Fiona M, Robertson, Eddy, Wiltshire, Andy, Andrews, Timothy, Hannay, Cécile, Miller, Ron, Nazarenko, Larissa, Kirkevåg, Alf, Olivié, Dirk, Fiedler, Stephanie, Pincus, Robert and Forster, Piers M (2020) Effective radiative forcing and adjustments in CMIP6 models. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20 (16). pp. 9591-9618. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

Collins, William J. (Bill), Frame, Dave J., Fuglestvedt, Jan and Shine, Keith Peter (2020) Stable climate metrics for emissions of short and long-lived species – combining steps and pulses. Environmental Research Letters, 15 (2). 024018. ISSN 1748-9326 doi:

Allen, Robert J., Turnock, Steven, Nabat, Pierre, Neubauer, David, Lohmann, Ulrike, Olivie, Dirk, Oshima, Naga, Michou, Martine, Wu, Tongwen, Zhang, Jie, Takemura, Toshihiko, Schulz, Michael, Tsigaridis, Kostas, Bauer, Susanne E., Emmons, Louisa, Horowitz, Larry, Naik, Vaishali, van Noije, Twan, Bergman, Tommi, Lamarque, Jean-Francois, Zanis, Prodromos, Tegen, Ina, Westervelt, Daniel M., Le Sager, Phillipe, Good, Peter, Shim, Sungbo, O'Connor, Fiona, Akritidis, Dimitris, Georgoulias, Aristeidis K., Deushi, Makoto, Sentman, Lori T., John, Jasmin, Fujimori, Shinichiro and Collins, William J. (2020) Climate and air quality impacts due to mitigation of non-methane near-term climate forcers. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 20 (16). pp. 9641-9663. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

Tanaka, Katsumasa, Cavalett, Otavio, Collins, Bill and Cherubini, Francesco (2019) Asserting the climate benefits of the coal-to-gas shift across temporal and spatial scales. Nature Climate Change, 9. pp. 389-396. ISSN 1758-678X doi:

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Fiore, Arlene, Fischer, Emily, Milly, George, Deolal, Shubha Pandey, Wild, Oliver, Jaffe, Dan, Staehelin, Johannes, Clifton, Olivia, Bergmann, Dan, Collins, Bill, Doherty, Ruth, Duncan, Bryan, Fischer, Bernt, Gilge, Stefan, Hess, Peter, Horowitz, Larry, Lapru, Alexandru, MacKenzie, Ian, Park, Rokjin, Ries, Ludwig, Sanderson, Michael, Schultz, Martin, Shindell, Drew, Stevenson, David, Szopa, Sophie, Zellweger, Christoph and Zeng, Guang (2018) Peroxy acetyl nitrate (PAN) measurements at northern mid-latitude mountain sites in April: a constraint on continental source-receptor relationships. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18. pp. 15345-15361. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

Harper, Anna B., Powell, Tom, Cox, Peter M., House, Joanna, Huntingford, Chris, Lenton, Timothy M., Sitch, Stephen, Burke, Eleanor, Chadburn, Sarah E., Collins, William J., Comyn-Platt, Edward, Daioglou, Vassilis, Doelman, Jonathan C., Hayman, Garry, Robertson, Eddy, van Vuuren, Detlef, Wiltshire, Andy, Webber, Christopher P., Bastos, Ana, Boysen, Lena, Ciais, Philippe, Devaraju, Narayanappa, Jain, Atul K., Krause, Andreas, Poulter, Ben and Shu, Shijie (2018) Land-use emissions play a critical role in landbased mitigation for Paris climate targets. Nature Communications, 9 (1). 2938. ISSN 2041-1723 doi:

Collins, William J., Webber, Christopher, Cox, Peter, Huntingford, Chris, Lowe, Jason Anthony, Sitch, Stephen, Chadburn, Sarah E., Comyn-Platt, Edward, Harper, Anna, Hayman, Garry and Powell, Tom (2018) Increased importance of methane reduction for a 1.5 degree target. Environmental Research Letters, 13 (5). 054003. ISSN 1748-9326 doi:

Comyn-Platt, Edward, Hayman, Garry, Huntingford, Chris, Chadburn, Sarah E., Burke, Eleanor J., Harper, Anna B., Collins, William J., Webber, Chris P., Powell, Tom, Cox, Peter M., Gedney, Nic and Sitch, Stephen (2018) Carbon budget for 1.5 and 2oC targets lowered by natural wetland and permafrost feedbacks. Nature Geoscience, 11. pp. 568-573. ISSN 1752-0894 doi:

Myhre, Gunnar, Aas, Wenche, Cherian, Ribu, Collins, William, Faluvegi, Greg, Flanner, Mark, Forster, Piers, Hodnebrog, Oivind, Klimont, Zbignew, Lund, Marianne, Mulmenstadt, Johannes, Lund Myhre, Cathrine, Olivie, Dirk, Prather, Michael, Quaas, Johannes, Samset, Bjorn, Schnell, Jordan, Schulz, Michael, Shindell, Drew, Skeie, Ragnhild, Takemura, Toshihiko and Tsyro, Svetlana (2017) Multi-model simulations of aerosol and ozone radiative forcing due to anthropogenic emission changes during the period 1990-2015. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17 (4). pp. 2709-2720. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

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Silva, Raquel A., West, J. Jason, Lamarque, Jean-Francois, Shindell, Drew T., Collins, William J., Faluvegi, Greg, Folberth, Gerd A., Horowitz, Larry W., Nagashima, Tatsuya, Naik, Vaishali, Rumbold, Steven T., Sudo, Kengo, Takemura, Toshihiko, Bergman, Daniel, Cameron-Smith, Philip, Doherty, Ruth M., Josse, Beatrice, MacKenzie, Ian A., Stevenson, David S. and Zeng, Guang (2017) Future global mortality from changes in air pollution attributable to climate change. Nature Climate Change, 7 (9). pp. 647-651. ISSN 1758-678X doi:

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Webber, Christopher P., Dacre, Helen F., Collins, William J. and Masato, Giacomo (2017) The dynamical impact of Rossby wave breaking upon UK PM10 concentration. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17 (2). pp. 867-881. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

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