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Roberts, M. J., Baker, A., Blockley, E. W., Calvert, D., Coward, A., Hewitt, H. T., Jackson, L. C., Kuhlbrodt, T., Mathiot, P., Roberts, C. D., Schiemann, R., Seddon, J., Vanniere, B. and Vidale, P. L. (2019) Description of the resolution hierarchy of the global coupled HadGEM3-GC3.1 model as used in CMIP6 HighResMIP experiments. Geoscientific Model Development, 12 (12). pp. 4999-5028. ISSN 1991-9603 doi:

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Baker, A. J., Mattey, D. P. and Baldini, J. U. L. (2014) Reconstructing modern stalagmite growth from cave monitoring, local meteorology, and experimental measurements of dripwater films. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 392. pp. 239-249. ISSN 0012-821X doi:

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