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Angelaki, V. (2008) Subtractive forms and composite contents: Martin Crimp’s Fewer Emergencies. In: Schnierer, P. P. and Redling, E. (eds.) Contemporary Drama in English. Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, pp. 31-46.

Angelaki, V. (2008) Taking a bite of the Big Apple: Martin Crimp’s The Treatment. In: Angel-Perez, E. and Poulain, A. (eds.) Hunger on the Stage. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 257-267.

Aranda, J., Bumsteinas, A., Garbstiene, L., Bunic, P., Cesarco, A., Dahlberg, K., Deball, M. C., Fontaine, C., Dowd, S., Roithmayr, F., Dujmušic, I., Van Harskamp, N., Ergun, K., Kanajet, M., Esquivias, P., Ferri, J., Torres, M. G., Gavran, D., Grubic, I., Harskamp, N. V., Haus, S., Hiseni, A., Bioskop, I., Ilic, S., Jansa, J., Noir, J., Katic, B., Kovac, I., Tepavcevic, N., Kurcubic, N., Labrovic, S., Lagomarsino, R., Latin, I., Markovic, M., Milak, R., Muresan, C., Nevarez, A., Tevere, V., Ogut, A., Ocko, D., Panayiotou, C., Rascic, L., Richardson, J., Roncevic, D., Suler, K., Takala, P., Tsivopoulos, S., Tur, N., Vatamanu, M. and Tudor, F. (2008) Salon of revolution. [Show/Exhibition]

Banham, R. (2008) Nineteenth-century jobbing: the printing methods of Gye and Balne. Journal of the Printing Historical Society, 11 (new se. pp. 25-64.

Banham, R., (2008) A handlist of films showing printing & typesetting. Self published (St Bride Library )

Banham, R. and Ross, F. (2008) Non-Latin typefaces at St Bride Library, London and Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading. St Bride Library, London, pp64. ISBN 0950416150

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Brown, T. (2008) Spectacle/gender/history: the case of Gone with the Wind. Screen, 49 (2). pp. 157-178. ISSN 1460-2474 doi:

Bull, J. (2008) Spectacular reconstruction: innovation and appropriation in modern British drama. In: Redling, E. and Schnierer, P. P. (eds.) Non-Standard Forms of Contemporary Drama and Theatre. CDE Contemporary Drama in English (15). Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, Trier, pp. 13-29. ISBN 9783868210408

Butler, A. (2008) Feminist perspectives in film studies. In: Donald , J. and Renov , M. (eds.) The Sage Handbook of Film Studies. Sage , London, pp. 391-407. ISBN 9780761943266

Chare, N. (2008) Testimony. The year's work in critical and cultural theory, 16 (1). pp. 288-301. ISSN 1471-681X doi:

Chare, N. (2008) Testimony on trial: reviewing rape in 'The Accused'. Southern Review: Communication, Politics and Culture, 40 (3). pp. 68-83. ISSN 0038-4526

Clausen, S. (2008) Curatorial vaudeville. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2008) The Extras Regina, 2008. [Show/Exhibition]

Davies, P. (2008) Modello del Tempietto Barbaro. In: Beltramini, G. and Burns, H. (eds.) Palladio. Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK, pp. 242-243. ISBN 9781905711246

Davies, P. (2008) Palladio, l'architettura e la peste. In: Barbieri, F. (ed.) Palladio 1508-2008: Il simposio del cinquecentenario. Marsilio, Venice, Italy, pp. 189-195. ISBN 9788831796262

Davies, P. (2008) A re-reading of Antonio Labacco's drawing of San Sebastiano in Mantua. In: Poeschke, J. and Syndikus, C. (eds.) Leon Battista Alberti: humanist, architekt, kunsttheoretiker. Rhema, Munster, Germany, pp. 299-314. ISBN 9783930454662

Dronsfield, J. (2008) Between Heidegger and Deleuze there never is any difference. In: Raffoul, F. and Pettigrew, D. (eds.) French Interpretations of Heidegger: An Exceptional Reception. SUNY series in Contemporary French Thought. State University of New York Press, Albany, pp. 151-165. ISBN 9780791475591

Dronsfield, J. L. (2008) Funny heterogeneous. In: Maass, G. and Nayoungim, (eds.) It's nice to be nice; try it. Caustic Window, Seoul, S. Korea, pp. 122-126. ISBN 8995646427

Dronsfield, J. L. (2008) Nowhere is aesthetics contra ethics: Rancière the other side of Lyotard. Art&Research, 2 (1). ISSN 1752-6388

Dronsfield, J. L., Rancière, J. and Wright, S. (2008) An exchange with Jacques Rancière. Art&Research, 2 (1). ISSN 1752-6388

Ellison, C. (2008) RGBOHP. [Performance]

Fife, L. (2008) Human monstrosity: rape, ambiguity and performance in Rosemary’s Baby (Roman Polanski, 1968). In: Baumgartner, H. and Davis, R. (eds.) Hosting the Monster. At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries (52). Rodopi, Amsterdam / New York, pp. 43-62. ISBN 9042024860

Garfield, R., (2008) L’Encyclopédie Noveaux Médias: Zineb Sedira. Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.

Gillieson, K. (2008) A framework for graphic description in book design. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

Gillieson, K. (2008) Limits of reading: the book in action. In: Hübner, M. and Klanten, R. (eds.) Fully Booked: Cover Art and Design for Books. Gestalten, Berlin, pp. 60-63. ISBN 9783899552096

Gillieson, K. (2008) Limits of the book: forethoughts on book design. In: Hübner, M. and Klanten, R. (eds.) Fully Booked: Cover Art and Design for Books. Gestalten, Berlin, pp. 2-5. ISBN 9783899552096

Gillieson, K. (2008) Limits of the book: the book about books. In: Hübner, M. and Klanten, R. (eds.) Fully Booked: Cover Art and Design for Books. Gestalten, Berlin, pp. 28-31. ISBN 9783899552096

Heim, A., Roithmayr, F. and Round, G. (2008) Feeling gave way to structure. [Show/Exhibition]

Knox, S. (2008) "Muito boa qualidade, de facto": Shooting the Past e o caso das séries dramáticas de qualidade da televisão britânica na era da televisão de qualidade americana. ["Rather good quality, in fact": Shooting the Past and the case of British Quality Television Drama in the age of AQTV]. In: Discursos e Práticas de Qualidade Na Televisão. Livros Horizonte, Lisboa, pp. 271-286.

Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2008) Another Proof of the Preceding Theory. [Video]

Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2008) Future Monument. [Project]

Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2008) The Institute of Psychoplasmics. [Show/Exhibition]

Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2008) Svetlana. [Show/Exhibition]

Malvern, S. (2008) The spaces of British art: patronage, institutions, audiences. In: Stephens, C. (ed.) The history of British art 1870-now. The history of British art, 3. Tate Publishing, London, pp. 198-221. ISBN 9781854376527

McMullan, A. (2008) History in tatters: bodies and things in Samuel Beckett’s theatre. Etudes Britanniques Contemporaines, 35. pp. 27-37. ISSN 1168-4917

Mosley, J. (2008) The materials of typefounding: a list of surviving collections. Printing History, NS 4 (4).

Mosley, J. (2008) Médailles sur les principaux événements du règne de Louis le Grand 1702, the making of the book. Bulletin du bibliophile, 2. pp. 296-350. ISSN 0399-9742

Murjas, T. (2008) 'The Mistress'(or 'Miss Maliczewska') by Gabriela Zapolska. Translated, designed and directed by Teresa Murjas. [Performance]

Reid, T. (2008) Backpages: Scottish Arts Council wields the axe. Contemporary Theatre Review, 18 (3). pp. 398-401. ISSN 1477-2264 doi:

Reid, T. (2008) 'Deformities of the frame': the theatre of Anthony Neilson. Contemporary Theatre Review, 17 (4). pp. 487-498. ISSN 1477-2264 doi:

Renshaw, T. (2008) Images in the vaguest sense. [Show/Exhibition]

Richter, D., (2008) Dorothee Richter

Robertson, C. (2008) Patronage rivalries: cardinals Odoardo Farnese and Pietro Aldobrandini. In: Burke, J. and Bury, M. (eds.) Art and identity in early modern Rome. Ashgate Press, Aldershot, UK, pp. 95-111. ISBN 9780754656906

Robertson, C. (2008) The invention of Annibale Carracci. Silvana Editoriale, Milan, Italy, pp417. ISBN 9788836609741

Robertson, E. C. (2008) Review of 'Medici women: portraits of power, love and betrayal' by Gabrielle Langdon. The Burlington Magazine, 150. ISSN 0007-6287

Ross, F. (2008) The Linotype Non-Latin Collection, University of Reading. In: Banham, R. and Ross, F. (eds.) Non-Latin typefaces: at St Bride Library, London and Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading. St Bride Library, London, UK, pp. 32-62.

Rowlands, A. (2008) Communiqué § 4. In: Birkett, R. and Leaver-Yapp, I. (eds.) Nought to Sixty: 60 projects in 60 weeks. Institute of Contemporary Art, London. ISBN 9781900300599

Rowlands, A. (2008) Shadow cabinet (three rendezvous). [Show/Exhibition]

Rowlands, A. (2008) NOVEL. [Show/Exhibition]

Rowlands, A. and Williams, M., eds. (2008) Novel. Novel Publication, Berlin, pp42. ISBN 9781906424077

Russell, J. (2008) 'The Return of the Living Dead III. Clement Greenberg is a conceptual artist. Flatness and Shapeism,'. In: Garnett, R. and Hunt, A. (eds.) Gest / Laboratory of Synthesis. Bookworks, London, pp. 81-89. ISBN 9781870699969

Saunders, G. (2008) From resistance to witness: changing spectatorship in the theatre of Sarah Kane. In: Hunkeler, T., Fournier Kiss, C. and Luthi, A. (eds.) Place au public: les spectateurs du theatre contemporain. MétisPresses, Geneva, pp. 153-165. ISBN 9782940406050

Saunders, G. (2008) Patrick Marber’s 'Closer'. Continuum Modern Theatre Guides. Continuum, London, pp118. ISBN 9780826492487

Saunders, G. (2008) Getting closer: Patrick Marber’s excursions into the Pinteresque. Critical Engagements, 2 (2). pp. 150-164. ISSN 1754-0984

Saunders, G. (2008) The persistence of the 'well made play'. In: Redling, E. and Schnierer, P. P. (eds.) Non-standard forms of contemporary drama and theatre. Contemporary Drama in English (15). Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, Trier, pp. 11-21. ISBN 9783868210408

Smart, B. (2008) Simon Gray, 1936–2008: In other words. Contemporary Theatre Review, 18 (4). pp. 542-544. ISSN 1477-2264 doi:

Twyman, M. (2008) The long-term significance of printed ephemera. RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage, 9 (1). pp. 19-57. ISSN 2150-668X

Williams, D. (2008) Circulating antisemitism: the men of 1914. In: Durão, F. and Williams, D. (eds.) Modernist group dynamics: the politics and poetics of friendship. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, UK, pp. 43-68. ISBN 9781847185082

Williams, D. (2008) Fighting on different fronts: Isaac Rosenberg and John Rodker in the Great War. In: Dickson, R. , Liddiard, J., MacDougall, S., Wilson, J. M. and Williams, D. (eds.) Whitechapel at war: Isaac Rosenberg and his circle. Ben Uri Gallery, The London Jewish Museum of Art, London, UK, pp. 95-98. ISBN 780900157097

Woods, F. (2008) Generation gap? mother, daughters, and music. In: Calvin, R. (ed.) Gilmore girls and the politics of identity : essays on family and feminism in the television series. McFarland, Jefferson, North Carolina, pp. 127-143. ISBN 9780786437276

Woods, F. (2008) Nostalgia, music and the television past revisited in American dreams. Music Sound and the Moving Image, 2 (1). pp. 27-50. ISSN 1753-0776 doi:

de Souza, J. M. B. and Dyson, M. (2008) Are animated demonstrations the clearest and most comfortable way to communicate on-screen instructions? Information Design Journal, 16 (2). pp. 107-124. ISSN 0142-5471 doi:

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