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Alam, N., Binti Zainuddin, S. S. and Rizvi, S. A. R. (2019) Ramifications of varying banking regulations on performance of Islamic Banks. Borsa Istanbul Review, 19 (1). pp. 49-64. ISSN 2214-8450 doi:

Alam, N., Hamid, B. A. and Tan, D. T. (2019) Does competition make banks riskier in dual banking system. Borsa Istanbul Review, 19 (1). S34-S43. ISSN 2214-8450 doi:


Cheng, L.-C., Murugaiyah, V. and Chan, K.-L. (2019) Development, validation, and application of HPLC method for quantification of antihyperuricemic compounds from Lippia nodiflora in rat plasma. Planta Medica International Open, 6 (1). e28-e35. ISSN 2509-6656 doi:

Ching, Y. C., Gunathilake, T. M. S. U., Ching, K. Y., Chuah, C. H., Sandu, V., Singh, R. and Liou, N.-S. (2019) Effects of high temperature and ultraviolet radiation on polymer composites. In: Jawaid, M., Thariq, M. T. B. H. H. S. and Saba, N. (eds.) Durability and Life Prediction in Biocomposites, Fibre-reinforced Composites and Hybrid Composites. Composites Science and Engineering. Woodhead Publishing, pp. 407-426. doi:

Ching, Y. C., Gunathilake, T. M. S. U., Chuah, C. H., Ching, K. Y., Singh, R. and Liou, N.-S. (2019) Curcumin/Tween 20-incorporated cellulose nanoparticles with enhanced curcumin solubility for nano-drug delivery: characterization and in vitro evaluation. Cellulose, 26 (9). pp. 5467-5481. ISSN 5467–5481 doi:

Chung, K. L., Morshidi, I., Yoong, L. C. and Thian, K. N. (2019) The role of the dark tetrad and impulsivity in social media addiction: findings from Malaysia. Personality and Individual Differences, 143. pp. 62-67. ISSN 0191-8869 doi:

Coen, A. and Lecomte, P. (2019) International listed real estate returns: evidence from the global financial crisis. Journal of Property Investment and Finance, 37 (1). pp. 72-91. ISSN 1463-578X doi:

Coen, A., Desfleurs, A. and Lecomte, P. (2019) Risk and performance of international listed real estate returns. The Journal of Wealth Management, 21 (4). pp. 106-121. ISSN 1534-7524


Dibble, J., Prelorendjos, A., Romice, O., Zanella, M., Strano, E., Pagel, M. and Porta, S. (2019) On the origin of spaces: morphometric foundations of urban form evolution. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, 46 (4). pp. 707-730. ISSN 2399-8091 doi:


Fan, S.-L., Chong, H.-Y., Liao, P.-C. and Lee, C.-Y. (2019) Latent provisions for building information modeling (BIM) contracts: a social network analysis approach. KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 23 (4). pp. 1427-1435. ISSN 1976-3808 doi:


Kalckert, A., Bico, I. and Fong, J. X. (2019) Illusions with hands, but not with balloons–comparing ownership and referral of touch for a corporal and noncorporal object after visuotactile stimulation. Perception, 48 (5). pp. 447-455. ISSN 0301-0066 doi:

Kalckert, A., Perera, A. T.-M., Ganesan, Y. and Tan, E. (2019) Rubber hands in space: the role of distance and relative position in the rubber hand illusion. Experimental Brain Research, 237 (7). pp. 1821-1832. ISSN 0014-4819 doi:

Kan, Y. Y. and Leibrecht, M. (2019) Granger-causes of the Ringgit-US dollar exchange rate after 2005. Journal of Financial Economic Policy, 12 (1). pp. 77-96. ISSN 1757-6385 doi:

Kok Wei, T. and Stephen, I. D. (2019) Skin color preferences in a Malaysian Chinese population. Frontiers in Psychology, 10. 1352. ISSN 1664-1078 doi:


Lecomte, P. (2019) New boundaries: conceptual framework for the analysis of commercial real estate in smart cities. Journal of Property Investment and Finance, 37 (1). pp. 118-135. ISSN 1463-578X doi:

Lecomte, P. (2019) What's smart? A real estate introduction to cities and buildings in the digital era. Journal of General Management, 44 (3). pp. 128-137. ISSN 0306-3070 doi:

Lecomte, P. (2019) iSpace: principles for a phenomenology of space user in smart real estate. Journal of Property Investment and Finance, 38 (4). pp. 271-290. ISSN 1463-578X doi:

Lee, J. H. and Tan, T. H. (2019) Neighborhood walkability or third places? Determinants of social support and loneliness among older adults. Journal of Planning Education and Research. ISSN 1552-6577 doi:

Liew, K.-F., Lee, E. H.-C., Chan, K. L. and Lee, C. Y. (2019) Multi-targeting aurones with monoamine oxidase and amyloid-beta inhibitory activities: structure-activity relationship and translating multi-potency to neuroprotection. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 110. pp. 118-128. ISSN 0753-3322 doi:


Mohd Haniffa, M. A. C., Ching, Y. C., Chuah, C. H., Ching, K. Y. and Liou, N.-S. (2019) Synergistic effect of (3-Aminopropyl)Trimethoxysilane treated ZnO and corundum nanoparticles under UV-irradiation on UV-cutoff and IR-absorption spectra of acrylic polyurethane based nanocomposite coating. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 159. pp. 205-216. ISSN 0141-3910 doi:


Pang, K.-L. and Chin, K.-Y. (2019) The role of tocotrienol in protecting against metabolic diseases. Molecules, 24 (5). 923. ISSN 1420-3049 doi:


Ravishankar, D., Albadawi, D., Chaggar, V., Patra, P., Williams, H., Salamah, M., Vaiyapuri, R., Dash, P., Patel, K., Watson, K. and Vaiyapuri, S. (2019) Isorhapontigenin, a resveratrol analogue selectively inhibits ADP-stimulated platelet activation. European Journal of Pharmacology, 862. 172627. ISSN 0014-2999 doi:


Salamah, M. F., Ravishankar, D., Vaiyapuri, R., Moraes, L. A., Patel, K., Perretti, M., Gibbins, J. M. and Vaiyapuri, S. (2019) The formyl peptide fMLF primes platelet activation and augments thrombus formation. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 17 (7). pp. 1120-1133. ISSN 1538-7836 doi:


Tanko, B. L., Chai, C. S. and Lee, C.-Y. (2019) Limitations of using the Revit-BIM software for quantification. In: 23rd PAQS Congress 2019, 23-27 Aug 2019, Kuching, Malaysia.

Tanko, B. L., Khiyon, N. A. and Flanagan, R. (2019) Evaluation of barriers to value management application in construction projects. In: West Africa Built Environment Research (WABER) Conference, 5-7 Aug 2019, Ghana, pp. 551-569.


Vallance, T., Ravishankar, D., Albadawi, D., Layfield, H., Sheard, J., Vaiyapuri, R., Dash, P., Patel, K., Widera, D. and Vaiyapuri, S. (2019) Effect of ultrapure lipopolysaccharides derived from diverse bacterial species on the modulation of platelet activation. Scientific Reports, 9. 18258. ISSN 2045-2322 doi:


Williams, H. F., Layfield, H. J., Vallance, T., Patel, K., Bicknell, A. B., Trim, S. A. and Vaiyapuri, S. (2019) The urgent need to develop novel strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of snakebites. Toxins, 11 (6). 363. ISSN 2072-6651 doi:

Williams, H., Mellows, B., Mitchell, R., Sfyri, P., Layfield, H., Salamah, M., Vaiyapuri, R., Collins-Hooper, H., Bicknell, A., Matsakas, A., Patel, K. and Vaiyapuri, S. (2019) Mechanisms underpinning the permanent muscle damage induced by snake venom metalloprotease. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 13 (1). e0007041. ISSN 1935-2735 doi:


Yang, L. R. and Kim Man, M. M. (2019) The future of digital marketing. In: The 6th Search Conference, 27-28 Jun 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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