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Andow, J. (2013) Intuitions in the Face of Diversity. PhD thesis, University of Nottingham.

Aston, E. (2013) Thessaly and Macedon at Delphi. Electrum: journal of ancient history, 19. pp. 41-60. ISSN 2084-3909 doi:


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Felix, J. (2013) L’économie politique et la naissance de l’« opinion publique ». In: L'opinion publique dans l'Europe des Lumières: Stratégies et concepts. Armand Colin, Paris, pp. 87-105. ISBN 9782200287603

Foxley, R. (2013) Democracy in 1659: Harrington and the Good Old Cause. In: Tapsell, G. and Taylor, S. (eds.) The Nature of the English Revolution Revisited. Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social History. Boydell and Brewer, Woodbridge, pp. 175-196. ISBN 9781843838180

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Hoyle, R.W., ed. (2013) The Farmer in England 1650-1980. Ashgate, Farnham. ISBN 9781472405845


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