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Chamarette, J. ORCID: (2022) Curating the Godardian institution: agency and critique in film and contemporary art. Screen, 62 (4). pp. 484-511. ISSN 1460-2474 doi:

Frearson, A. (2022) Frankenstein economy. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F. (2022) waves. Daedalus Street Athens, Athens, Greece, pp128. ISBN 9781527270799


Atherton, M., Balsom, E., Bolland, E., Cheesman, M., Clarkson, J., Etchells, T., Gluzberg, M., Griffin, J., Hopkins, J., Leslie, E., McCarthy, P., Roithmayr, F., Steeds, L. and Taylor, D. (2021) Writing Tests. In: Griffin, J. (ed.) Writing Tests. Site Gallery, Sheffield. ISBN 9781899926114

Clausen, S. ORCID: (2021) 'The strength of the system, my experience of it...'. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. ORCID: and Kerestey, P. (2021) Liquid Trust, edition 2021. [Artefact]

Frearson, A. (2021) being eaten by a lion. [Show/Exhibition]

Garfield, R. ORCID: (2021) Experimental filmmaking and punk: feminist audio visual culture in the 1970s and 80s. Bloomsbury, London, pp288. ISBN 9781350293083

Garfield, R. ORCID: (2021) The Struggle a trilogy. [Show/Exhibition]

Garfield, R. ORCID: (2021) The Suburban Trilogy by Abigail Child “I thought of it as three approaches to the education of the girl child”. Found Footage Magazine (8). ISSN 2462-2885 (In Press)

Patrick, M. and Richter, D. ORCID: (2021) Editorial: Fluxus perspectives. Fluxus Perspectives (51). pp. 1-5. ISSN ‎ 979-8478092658

Pellapaisiotis, H. (2021) Walking Narratives and Affective Mapping. PhD thesis, University of Reading. doi:

Richter, D. ORCID: (2021) Flux us now! Fluxus explored with a camera. Fluxus Perspectives, 51 (51). pp. 6-24. ISSN 9798478092658

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Richter, D. ORCID:, Kolb, R. and Maridet, C. (2021) Situated knowledges, a cooperation with Tai Kwun, contemporary art, Hong Kong and Migros Museum, Zurich. [Project]

Richter, D., Kolb, R. and Patel, S., eds. (2021) Contemporary Art Biennials–Our Hegemonic Machines in Times of Emergency. OnCurating Issues, 46 (46). OnCurating, Zurich, pp554. ISBN 979-8667975540 (Contemporary Art, Bienale, Hegemony)

Richter, D. ORCID:, Kolb, R., Zwick, H., Sheleff, M., Levi, E. and Ruff, R. (2021) Curating on shaky grounds: curating in times of crisis and conflict. [Project]

Roithmayr, F. (2021) waves. [Performance]

Rowlands, A., Clausen, S. ORCID:, Barnard, L. and Bayerdörfer, M. (2021) On Waiting … For Their Words To Leave Our Mouth. Strauhof Museum, Zurich, pp132. ISBN 9783952523230

Rowlands, A., Clausen, S. ORCID:, Ellison, C. and Frearson, A. (2021) On Waiting … For Their Words To Leave Our Mouth. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2021) CONCEPTUAL ART IN THE UK 1998-99. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2021) Core. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2021) EARLEY. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2021) Party de Campagne. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2021) Well. [Show/Exhibition]


Aigner, U., Allen, F., Ashton, E., Berthon-Moine, I., Biagioli, M., Biswas, S., Bodman, S., Bolland, E., Borra, C. E., Brinkmann, S., Carr, A. J., Cattle, R., Chan, S., Chevska, M., Coleman, K., Collins, S., Cooke, K., Cottell, F., Cowan, J., Creamer, A.-M., Cuddihy, M., Davies, E., Farhid, N., Finlay, S., Garfield, R. ORCID:, Gertler, A., Godfrey-Isaacs, L., Greenan, A., Hällsten, J., O’Neill, M. R., Haukka, M., Hodge, S., Johanknecht, S., Kivland, S., Lloyd, L., Ludwig, K., Maclennan, R., Malacart, L., Manchot, M., Mariscal, C., Meynell, K., Mitchell, J., Mitrentse, C., Mooney, S., Mullaney, M., Novaczek, R., Oechsler, M., Olsen, R., Parker, J., Parris, J., Paz, A., Peppé, H., Robertson, H., Ruggaber, K., Schwartz, L., Scott, R., Sear, H., Séraphin, L., Sherbany, A., Siderfin, N., Skelton, P., Smith, R., Spindler, S., Steed, C., Stockham, J., Taylor, D., Thompson, M., Throp, M., Thyes, M., Sutherland, R. V., Von Heyl, M., Voorsanger, J., Westerman, J., Wood, S. and Wright, E. (2020) Salon for a speculative future. [Image]

Aishman, H. (2020) Diffractive curatorial practice: ripples, gaps and the space in-between. PhD thesis, University of Reading. doi:

Allen, K. (2020) Tate lates power of bubble. [Show/Exhibition]

Allen, K., Minnion, A. and Judith, A. (2020) purpleSTARS – inclusive curation and production creates inclusive museums. In: Inclusive Digital Interactives: Best Practices, Innovative Experiments, and Questions for Research. Smithsonian. ISBN 9780970835888

Clausen, S. (2020) Curating the art school – propositions for developing a collaborative art space in the intersection between art school and community. ResearchCatalogue.

Clausen, S. (2020) Reading International #20, I CARE – Workshop and event with Ultra-red. [Performance]

Clausen, S. (2020) Reading International. [Project] (Collection)

Clausen, S. (2020) Reading International – propositions for developing a collaborative art space in the intersection between art school and community. OnCurating. ISSN 2673-2904 (In Press)

Clausen, S. ORCID:, Rowlands, A., Sheleff, M. and Spiess, S. (2020) Reading International - the book. Reading International /, Reading, pp211. ISBN 9781912115686

Garfield, R. ORCID: (2020) Peggy Ahwesh, Steve McQueen and Russell T Davis: reflections on the 1980s under lockdown. MIRAJ: Moving Image Review & Art Journal, 9 (2). pp. 270-275. ISSN 2045-6298 doi:

Kolb, R. (2020) Zurich Issue: Dark Matter, Grey Zones, Red Light and Bling Bling. OnCurating Issues, 48 (48). OnCurating, Zurich, pp248. ISBN 9798682580316 (Contemporary Art, Funding, Financing, Art History, Switzerland,)

Renshaw, T. (2020) Phase IV intersections - art/architecture. [Show/Exhibition]

Richter, D. and Stewart, P., eds. (2020) Curating the Digital. OnCurating Issues, 45 (45). OnCurating, Zurich, pp96. ISBN 9798639231421 (Curating, Digital Media, Contemporary Art, Art history)

Roithmayr, F. (2020) Waves - research residency. [Project] (Unpublished)

Roithmayr, F. (2020) ALTAMIRALTAMIRALTAMIRA. In: On Translation, Transmission & Transposition, 5 Jun 2019, London, UK, pp. 65-116. (Bricks from the kiln 4)

Roithmayr, F. (2020) Altamiraltamiraltamira. In: Ferris, N., Quinn, B., Stuart, M. and Wlash-Lister, A. (eds.) On Translation, Transmission & Transposition. Bricks From The Kiln, London, pp. 65-116. ISBN 9780995683525

Spies, S. (2020) Choreographies of the Curatorial: Performative trajectories for choreography and dance in the museum. PhD thesis, University of Reading. doi:


Allen, K. (2019) PurpleSTARS DJ for animal magic, MERL late silent disco part of being human festival. [Show/Exhibition]

Allen, K. (2019) PurpleSTARS presentation at creative bridges SEN conference. [Show/Exhibition]

Allen, K. (2019) Sensory Objects. [Project] (Collection)

Allen, K. and Headon, K. (2019) Suitcase stories movement Tate Exchange. [Project]

Allen, K. and Minnion, A. (2019) Pride of place. [Show/Exhibition]

Allen, K., Headon, K. and Minnion, A. (2019) purpleSTARS virtual reality quad bike experience at the Berkshire Show 2019. [Artefact]

Allen, K., Minnion, A. and Headon, K. (2019) The MERL's making SENse. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2019) Reading International # 17: Choir workshop with artist Marco Godoy. [Performance]

Clausen, S. (2019) Reading International # 18: Performance – PUBLIC MOVEMENT – Emergency Routine. [Performance]

Clausen, S. (2019) Reading International #12: 'Inter-' Patricia L. Boyd organised by Novel. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2019) Reading International #13: The Riddle of the Imp on the Mezzanine (My Journey) Steven Warwick [performance] organised by Novel. [Performance]

Clausen, S. (2019) Reading International #14: The Book of Challenges – led by Noam Enbar and Nir Shauloff [performance]. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2019) Reading International #14: The Sound of Words – an exhibition and artist-led workshop by Helen Cammock. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2019) Reading International #16: ChorUs – Voice lab for women led by artist Michal Oppenheim. [Performance]

Clausen, S. (2019) Reading International #19: An Apprenticeship In Queer I Believe It Was – by Nina Wakeford. [Performance]

Clausen, S. (2019) Reading International #20 (Un)Commoning Voices & (Non)Communal Bodies. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2019) Throw away your books, go into the streets video: experimental video/animation/curation. [Project] (Collection)

Clausen, S. (2019) Szuper Gallery Slide Show Player #1. [Show/Exhibition]

Connor, V. and O'Connell, T. (2019) 'The Long Goodbye' - 'Slow Institution' featuring the project, 'In Dublin' by Tina O'Connell (exhibition publication). [Show/Exhibition]

Frearson, A. (2019) Sic. [Show/Exhibition]

Garfield, R. ORCID: (2019) The Struggle III: A Glimpse. [Video]

Garfield, R. (2019) Women artists, feminism and the moving image contexts and practices, Rachel Garfield 'Prescient Intersectionality: Women, Moving Image and Identity Politics in 1980s Britain'. In: Reynolds, L. (ed.) Women Artists, Feminism and the Moving Image Contexts and Practices. Bloomsbury, London, pp. 99-112. ISBN 9781784537005

Kolb, R. (2019) Revisiting Black Mountain Cross-Disciplinary Experiments and Their Potential for Democratization. OnCurating Issues, 43 (43). OnCurating, Zurich, pp122. ISBN 9781672015431 (Black Mountain College, Contemporary Art, Curating, Experimental Education)

Kolb, R., Krivanek, E., Regli, C. and Richter, D. ORCID:, eds. (2019) Centres⁄Peripheries – Complex Constellations. OnCurating Issues, 41 (41). OnCurating, Zurich, pp176. ISBN 9781070906966

Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2019) EuroNoize. [Show/Exhibition]

Kollectiv, P. and Kollectiv, G. (2019) Pil and Galia Kollectiv: (in)visible propaganda. [Show/Exhibition]

Renshaw, T. (2019) Come and go. Halt extreme left. [Show/Exhibition]

Renshaw, T. (2019) Drift. [Show/Exhibition]

Renshaw, T. (2019) Phase III - Le Modulor. [Show/Exhibition]

Richter, D. (2019) Propositons on Curating. Darmstädter Beitrag zur Neuen Musik. pp. 10-14.

Roithmayr, F. (2019) International El Kurru project. [Project] (In Press)

Roithmayr, F. (2019) Simply untitled. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F. (2019) A Strange Weave of Time and Space. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F., Collar, B. and Cole, D. (2019) Dimensions tomorrow. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F., Emberling, G. and Davis, S. (2019) Graffiti as Devotion. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F. (2019) The humility of Plaster. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F. (2019) The humility of plaster. [Project] (Collection)

Rowlands, A. and Williams, M. (2019) Exercises in Style. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2019) Bergen Assembly. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2019) SUMMA. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2019) Sick Monday. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2019) Tainted Love. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2019) Screens. [Show/Exhibition]

Trayner, J. (2019) The monstrous subject in the sixteenth century: the importance of The Twelve Articles of the Upper Swabian Peasants for reconciling the contemporary image in politics. PhD thesis, University of Reading. doi:


Allen, K. (2018) Edinburgh Napier University, Public Engagement Seminars, Sensory Objects developed for and by People with Learning Disabilities become purpleSTARS. Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh.

Allen, K. and Andy, M. (2018) PurpleSTARS present to the Disability History Conference London Metropolitan Archive. [Show/Exhibition]

Allen, K. and Minnion, A. (2018) PurpleSTARS present at Preparing for Adulthood. [Show/Exhibition]

Allen, K. and Minnion, A. (2018) #Purplelightup international persons with a disability day British Museum. [Show/Exhibition]

Allen, K., Andy, M. and Headon, K. (2018) Sensory expedition and wiki training with the purpleSTARS at Glenside Hospital Museum. [Show/Exhibition] (Unpublished)

Clausen, S. (2018) Reading Internationa #10: The Outside In - Steve Claydon at MERL. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2018) Reading International #11: Studio for Propositional Cinema- ‘Redundant as eyelids in absence of light’ organised by Novel. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2018) Reading International 6: 'reading in Reading' - David Raymond Conroy, Ghislaine Leung, Cally Spooner and Jesper List Thomsen. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2018) Reading International 8: Creating Ruin - Lada Nakonechna at the Abbey Ruins. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2018) Reading International 9: creating ruin - online video screening. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2018) Reading International #9: 'Nightwalks with Teenagers’, by Mammalian Diving Reflex. [Performance]

Clausen, S. and Fance, T. (2018) Reading International 10: Nightwalks with Teenagers’ by Mammalian Diving Reflex. [Performance]

Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2018) Szuper Gallery Slide Show Player #1. [Artefact]

Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2018) Szuper Gallery Slide Show Player #1. [Show/Exhibition]

Ellison, C. (2018) Micro soft words (for dummies and enlightened beings). [Performance]

Frearson, A. (2018) Sic. [Project] (Collection)

Hellings, J. (2018) Faire (de la magie): rendre l'invisible visible. In: Où en Sommes-Nous avec la Théorie Esthétique d'Adorno? Pontcerq, Rennes. ISBN 9782919648245

Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2018) Second annual report from the strategic sanctuary for the destruction of free will. [Show/Exhibition]

Kollectiv, G. and Kollectiv, P. (2018) The missing body of J. T. Leroy. In: Beber, E. (ed.) The Bodies that Remain. Dead Letter Office, 1. Punctum, London, pp. 251-262. ISBN 9781947447677 doi:

Kollectiv, P. and Kollectiv, G. (2018) Rainbow pixels. In: Pavoni, A., Mandic, D., Nirta, C. and Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, A. (eds.) Taste. Law and the Senses, 1. University of Westminster Press, London, pp. 239-243. ISBN 9781911534327 doi:

Kollectiv, P. and Kollectiv, G. (2018) Re-enacting the archive: untimely meditations on the use and abuse of repetition. In: Clarke, P., Jones, S., Kaye, N. and Linsley, J. (eds.) Artists in the Archive Creative and Curatorial Engagements with Documents of Art and Performance. Routledge, London, pp. 144-150. ISBN 9781138915381

Lawrence, J., Jenner, M., Drew, B., Frearson, A., Jetpacks, J., Liston, K., McCreadie, L., Purgas, P. and Richards, T. (2018) Oh: link zone. [Show/Exhibition]

O'Connell, T. (2018) Sublimation 2018. [Video]

Park, J. (2018) Surface layer time: the process of portraying time in image. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

Renshaw, T. (2018) Cosmic Laziness. [Show/Exhibition]

Renshaw, T. (2018) Cosmic Laziness (Notebook Painting). [Project] (Collection)

Renshaw, T. (2018) Notebook Formism. [Project] (Collection)

Renshaw, T. (2018) Notebook, Wall, Curve C/Y & Notebook, Wall, Curve P/B. [Show/Exhibition]

Renshaw, T. (2018) Phase 2 imagining architecture. [Show/Exhibition]

Renshaw, T. (2018) Plan Unplan (Outside Architecture Projects). [Project] (Collection)

Renshaw, T. (2018) What is Seen, What is Shown. [Show/Exhibition]

Renshaw, T. (2018) Notebook Architecture. [Project] (Collection)

Roithmayr, F. (2018) Aftercast. tenderbooks, London, pp186. ISBN 9781999712433

Roithmayr, F. (2018) Concrete sculpture. BSR’s Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Archaeology, History and Letters, and the University of Liverpool in London. (Unpublished)

Roithmayr, F. (2018) Florian Roithmayr - the humility of plaster. [Project]

Roithmayr, F. (2018) More than is needed so as not to be caught short. In: Conference: The Humility of Plaster, 4 Sept 2018, Kettle's Yard, University of Cambridge.

Roithmayr, F. (2018) Premio Lissone 2018. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F. (2018) Something infinitely distant and strange. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F. (2018) These here withins. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F., Ruggaber, K., Perienne, C., Enzing, B., Ernst, B., Morse-Palmer, H., George, D., Gill, A., Joy, C., Ryan, A., Stent, C. and Treister, S. (2018) Group Portrait with Garden. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F. (2018) The humility of plaster. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F. (2018) The humility of plaster. [Show/Exhibition]

Rowlands, A. (2018) Curating Fictions. [Project] (Collection)

Rowlands, A. and Williams, M. (2018) In the reading room of hell. [Show/Exhibition]

Rowlands, A. (2018) Novel Upstairs. [Project] (Collection)

Russell, J. (2018) As much about forgetting. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2018) CONDO: Emalin (hosting Galerie Gregor Staiger). [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2018) Cellular world: cyborg-human-avatar-horror. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2018) GOLD. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2018) It's all the same fucking day, man. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2018) Land and sea. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2018) SOFA. [Video]

Russell, J. (2018) The island of flowers. Song Cycle. Song Cycle and Bridget Donahue Gallery: New York, pp12.

Russell, J. (2018) AQUARIUM PROLETARIUM. [Project] (Collection)

Russell, J. (2018) DOGGO. [Artefact]

Russell, J. (2018) DOGGO. [Project] (Collection)

Russell, J. (2018) DOGGO II. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, J. (2018) SQRRL. [Project] (Collection)


Allen, K. and Hollinworth, N. (2017) ‘From the Outside In’ art award box, log and workshop plans. [Project]

Allen, K. and Hollinworth, N. (2017) Madhouse My House: an immersive reclaiming of old long stay hospitals. Hackney Museum Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Allen, K., Hwang, F. and Minnion, A. (2017) Sensory Objects Enterprise - Co-Development and Start Up project AHRC Follow on Fund Project pupleSTARS. [Project]

Clarke, A., Cooke, K., Roberts, M. M., Holmes, D., Iveson, M., Jenkins, T., Kivland, S., Nader, M., Woodham, N. and Frearson, A. (2017) Decorative dormitories for sleep workers. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2017) Reading International 3: Abel Auer ‘how a black void replaces the white cube and a painting moves from the fine to the performing arts’. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2017) Reading International 4: Rochelle Goldberg, Veit Laurent Kurz, Stefan Tcherepnin, Hanna Törnudd ‘Ante Phylloxera’. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2017) Reading International 5: the critic as artist. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2017) Reading International: CRASH! ‘Xerox Interview Book’. Reading International. ISBN 9781912115716

Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2017) I will survive, video, 8:05mins. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2017) Soviart. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S., Hunt, A. and Marshall, B. (2017) Reading International: Bertie Marshall ‘Wilde Re-Write’. Reading International. ISBN 9781912115709

Clausen, S. (2017) Reading International. [Project]

Clausen, S. (2017) Reading International 1: Matt Copson and Alastair MacKinven ‘Eggy and Seedy’. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2017) Reading International 2: CRASH! presents ‘A Better Britain II: Britlins’. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2017) Reading International: Eggy + Seedy + Friends - ‘All Day Breakfast’. Reading International. ISBN 9781912115006

Clausen, S. (2017) Rehearsing Szuper Gallery. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2017) Bonobo. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2017) Work, Arbeit, Rabota. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2017) Work, Arbeit, Rabota. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S., Worley, M., King, S. and Hunt, A. (2017) Reading International: CRASH! ‘A Better Britain II: Britlins’. Reading International. ISBN 9781912115723

Ellison, C. (2017) Let's interface the music and dance. [Project] (Collection)

Ellison, C. (2017) Workshop: making beyond the post-medium condition. Visual Culture in Britain, 18 (2). pp. 133-162. ISSN 1941-8361 doi:

Frearson, A. (2017) Affectation Correspondence. Tombstone Press, London, UK, pp312. ISBN 9780957675612

Frearson, A. (2017) Wollstonochlincraft. [Project] (Collection)

Frearson, A. (2017) Wollstonochlincraft 1791-1971. The Good Reader. MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, London, UK, pp16. ISBN 9781910055328

Frearson, A. (2017) Sic. Y Press, London, UK, pp345. ISBN 9781389201875

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Garfield, R. (2017) This way out of England: Gallery House in retrospect. Raven Row.

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Kollectiv, P. and Kollectiv, G. (2017) The Immigrants. [Show/Exhibition]

Kontopoulou, A. (2017) Democracy. [Project] (Collection)

Kontopoulou, A. (2017) Democracy and community. In: Bicknell, A. (ed.) BP Art Exchange: Sowing Seeds, Generating Art, Ideas and a Connected Global Community. Tate Publishing, London, pp. 88-98.

O'Connell, T. (2017) All that is data that melts into air. [Show/Exhibition]

O'Connell, T. (2017) Study for a pavilion: Askeaton. [Show/Exhibition]

O'Connell, T. (2017) Temporal Data Study. [Project] (Collection)

Renshaw, T. (2017) Notebook architecture at Kunstgriff. [Show/Exhibition]

Renshaw, T. (2017) Plan Unplan. [Show/Exhibition]

Richter, D. (2017) Being singular/plural in the exhibition context: curatorial subjects at documenta 5, dX, D12, d(13). In: Buurman, N. and Richter, D. (eds.) documenta. Curating the History of the Present. On-Curating, 33 (33). On-Curating, Zurich, pp. 76-88. ISBN 9781546946120

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Roithmayr, F. (2017) Chelsea Embankment - London. [Project]

Roithmayr, F. (2017) Home is not a Place. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F. (2017) Ir re par sur. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F. (2017) They call us screamers. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, F. (2017) With, and, or, without. [Project] (Collection)

Rowlands, A. and Williams, M. (2017) On Reading. [Project]

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