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Felton, Michelle, Jones, Philip ORCID logoORCID:, Tranter, Richard ORCID logoORCID:, Clark, Joanna ORCID logoORCID:, Quaife, Tristan ORCID logoORCID: and Lukac, Martin ORCID logoORCID: (2023) Farmers’ attitudes towards, and intentions to adopt, agroforestry on farms in lowland South-East and East England. Land Use Policy, 131. 106668. ISSN 0264-8377 doi:

Creissen, Henry E., Jones, Philip J. ORCID logoORCID:, Tranter, Richard B. ORCID logoORCID:, Girling, Robbie D. ORCID logoORCID:, Jess, Stephen, Burnett, Fiona J., Gaffney, Michael, Thorne, Fiona S. and Kildea, Steven (2021) Identifying the drivers and constraints to adoption of IPM amongst arable farmers in the UK and Ireland. Pest Management Science, 77 (9). pp. 4148-4158. ISSN 1526-4998 doi:

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Niemi, Jarkko, Bennett, Richard, Clark, Beth, Frewer, Lynn, Jones, Philip, Rimmler, Thomas and Tranter, Richard (2020) A value chain analysis of interventions to control production diseases in the intensive pig production sector. PLoS ONE, 15 (4). e0231338. ISSN 1932-6203 doi:

Creissen, H., Jones, Philip, Tranter, Richard, Girling, Robbie, Jess, Stephen, Burnett, Fiona, Gaffney, Michael, Thorne, Fiona and Kildea, Steven (2019) Measuring the unmeasurable? A method to quantify adoption of integrated pest management practices in temperate arable farming systems. Pest Management Science, 75 (12). pp. 3144-3152. ISSN 1526-4998 doi:

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O'Leary, N. W., Bennett, Richard M., Tranter, R. B. and Jones, P. J. (2018) The extent that certain dairy farmer attitudes and behaviors are associated with farm business profitability. Journal of Dairy Science, 101 (12). pp. 11275-11284. ISSN 0022-0302 doi:

McFarlane, Ian D., Jones, Philip J., Park, Julian R. and Tranter, Richard B. (2018) Identifying GM crops for future cultivation in the EU through a Delphi forecasting exercise. AgBioForum, 21 (1). pp. 35-43. ISSN 1522-936X

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Jones, Philip J., McFarlane, Ian D., Park, Julian R. and Tranter, Richard B. (2017) Assessing the potential economic benefits to farmers from various GM crops becoming available in the European Union by 2025: results from an expert survey. Agricultural Systems, 155. pp. 158-167. ISSN 0308-521X doi:

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Micha, Evgenia, Areal, Francisco, Tranter, Richard and Bailey, Alison (2015) Uptake of agri-environmental schemes in the Less-Favoured Areas of Greece: The role of corruption and farmers' responses to the financial crisis. Land Use Policy, 48. pp. 144-157. ISSN 0264-8377 doi:

Jones, P. J., Marier, E. A., Tranter, R. B., Wu, G., Watson, E. and Teale, C. J. (2015) Factors affecting dairy farmers' attitudes towards antimicrobial medicine usage in cattle in England and Wales. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 121 (1-2). pp. 30-40. ISSN 0167-5877 doi:

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Sottomayor, M., Tranter, Richard and Costa, L. (2011) Likelihood of succession and farmers' attitudes towards their future behaviour: evidence from a survey in Germany, the United Kingdom and Portugal. International Journal of Sociology of Food and Agriculture, 18 (2). pp. 121-133. ISSN 0798-1759

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Arnoult, Matthieu H., Jones, Philip J., Tranter, Richard Bartlett, Tiffin, James Richard, Traill, William Bruce and Tzanopoulos, Joseph (2010) Modelling the likely impact of healthy eating guidelines on agricultural production and land use in England and Wales. Land Use Policy, 27 (4). pp. 1046-1055. ISSN 0264-8377 doi:

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Book or Report Section

Pavlenko, T., Argyropoulos, D., Arnoult, M., Engel, T., Gadanakis, Y. ORCID logoORCID:, Griepentrog, H.W., Kambuta, J., Latherow, T., Murdoch, A., Tranter, R. ORCID logoORCID: and Paraforos, D.S. (2023) 100. Development of a precision agriculture downloadable content for the farming simulator game. In: Stafford, John V. (ed.) Precision agriculture '23. Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 797-804. ISBN 9789086863938 doi:

Pavlenko, T., Paraforos, D. S., Fenrich, D., Braun, S., Murdoch, Alistair, Tranter, Richard ORCID logoORCID:, Gadanakis, Yiorgos ORCID logoORCID:, Arnoult, Matthieu and Engel, T. (2021) Increasing adoption of precision agriculture via gamification: the farming simulator case. In: Precision agriculture ’21. Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 803-810. ISBN 9789086869169 doi:

Swinbank, Alan and Tranter, Richard Bartlett (2010) The bond scheme. In: Oskam, A, Meester, G and Silvis, H (eds.) EU policy for agriculture, food and rural areas. Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen, The Netherlands, pp. 207-212. ISBN 9789086861187

Tranter, R., Costa, L., Knapp, T., Little, J. and Sottomayor, M. (2004) Asking farmers about their response to the proposed bond scheme. In: A bond scheme for common agricultural policy reform. CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK, pp. 127-147. ISBN 9780851997445


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Conference or Workshop Item

Daugbjerg, C., Tranter, Richard, Hattam, C. and Holloway, Garth (2008) Modeling and comparing organic farming policies and growth of the organic sectors in the United Kingdom and Denmark, 1989-2007. In: The European Association of Agricultural Economics meetings, August 28, 2008, Ghent, Belgium.

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