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Adebola, Bolanle (2014) A few shades of rescue: towards an understanding of the corporate rescue concept in England and Wales. In: INSOL Europe Academics' conference, 9-12 October 2014, Istanbul.

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Callus, Therese (2014) La parenté au Royaume-Uni: un droit en évolution face à l’essor des pratiques biomédicales. In: Crespo-Brauner, M.-C. and Feuillet-Liger, B. (eds.) Les incidences de la biomédecine sur la parenté : approche internationale. Collection Droit, Bioéthique et Société. Bruylant, Brussels, pp. 159-172. ISBN 9782802745693

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Ziegler, Ruvi (2014) Kick-off contribution. In: Ziegler, Ruvi, Shaw, Jo and Baubock, Rainer (eds.) Independence Referendums: Who Should Vote and Who Should be Offered Citizenship? European Union Democracy Observatory on Citizenship, 2014 (90). European University Institute - Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Italy, pp. 1-4.

Ziegler, Ruvi (2014) Non-Refoulement between 'Common Article 1' and 'Common Article 3'. In: Cantor, David James and Durieux, Jean-Francois (eds.) Refuge from inhumanity? War refugees and international humanitarian law. International Refugee Law Series (2). Brill, Leiden, pp. 386-408. ISBN 9789004261587

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