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Items where Division is "Institute for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research (ICMR)" and Year is 2003

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Barry, F. A., Graham, G. J., Fry, M. J. and Gibbins, J. M. (2003) Regulation of glycogen synthase kinase 3 in human platelets: a possible role in platelet function? FEBS Letters, 553 (1-2). pp. 173-178. ISSN 0014-5793 doi:

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Kew, S., Banerjee, T., Minihane, A.M., Finnegan, Y.E., Muggli, R., Albers, R., Williams, C.M. and Calder, P.C. (2003) Lack of effect of foods enriched with plant- or marine-derived n-3 fatty acids on human immune function. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 77 (5). pp. 1287-1295. ISSN 0002-9165

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Book or Report Section

Calder, P. C. and Yaqoob, P. (2003) Amino acids and immune function. In: Cynober, L. (ed.) Metabolic & therapeutic aspects of amino acids in clinical nutrition. 2nd edition. CRC Press, London, pp. 305-320. ISBN 9780849313820

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