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Adeyemo, Folashade (2016) The Achilles' heel of whistleblowing: the position of Nigerian legislation. Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, 31 (2). pp. 105-109. ISSN 1742-6812

Almond, Paul and Esbester, Mike (2016) Il/legitimate risks? Occupational health and safety and the public in Britain, c. 1960-2015. In: Crook, Tom and Esbester, Mike (eds.) Governing risks in modern Britain: danger, safety and accidents, c. 1800-2000. Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke, pp. 277-296. ISBN 9781137467447 doi:

Almond, Paul, Esbester, Mike, D'Cruz, Carmen and Mayne, Laura, (2016) The changing legitimacy of health and safety, 1960 - 2015. Report. IOSH, Leicester.

Almond, Paul and Esbester, Mike (2016) The changing legitimacy of health and safety, 1960-2015: understanding the past, preparing for the future. Policy and Practice in Health and Safety, 14 (1). pp. 81-96. ISSN 1477-4003 doi:

Aronsson-Storrier, Adrian (2016) Copyright exceptions and contract in the UK: the impact of recent amendments. Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property, 6 (1). pp. 111-123. ISSN 2045-9815 doi:

Aronsson-Storrier, Marie and Salama, Haythem (2016) Tackling water contamination: development, human rights and disaster risk reduction. In: Breau, Susan C. and Samuel, Katja L. H. (eds.) Research handbook on disasters and international law. Research handbooks in international law series. Edward Elgar, pp. 319-355. ISBN 9781784717391 doi:

Auchmuty, Rosemary (2016) The experience of civil partnership dissolution: not 'just like divorce'. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 38 (2). pp. 152-174. ISSN 1469-9621 doi:

Auchmuty, Rosemary (2016) The limits of marriage protection in property allocation when a relationship ends. Child and Family Law Quarterly, 28 (4). pp. 303-324. ISSN 1358-8184

Auchmuty, Rosemary (2016) The limits of marriage protection: in defence of property law. Oñati Socio-Legal Series, 6 (6). pp. 1196-1224. ISSN 2079-5971


Bagheri, Saeed ORCID logoORCID: (2016) Towards fulfillment of fundamental rules of humanitarian law in the context of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. BRICS Law Journal, 3 (1). pp. 66-89. ISSN 2409-9058 doi:

Bilchitz, David ORCID logoORCID: (2016) Animal Interests and South African Law: the Elephant in the Room? In: Cao, Deborah and White, Steven (eds.) Animal Law and Welfare – International Perspectives. Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice. Springer, Cham, pp. 131-156, XII, 283 pages. ISBN 9783319268187 doi:

Bilchitz, David ORCID logoORCID: (2016) Corporations and the limits of state-based models for protecting fundamental rights in international Law. Indiana Journal of Global Studies, 23 (1). pp. 143-170. ISSN 1080-0727 doi:

Bilchitz, David ORCID logoORCID: (2016) Equality, dignity and social harmony: exploring the rationales and models for recognising same-sex relationships in law. Frontiers of Law in China, 11 (3). pp. 407-432. ISSN 1673-3541 doi:

Bilchitz, David ORCID logoORCID: (2016) Is the Right to Food Really Necessary? In: Fukuda-Parr, Sakiko and Taylor, Viviene (eds.) Food Security in South Africa: Human rights and entitlement perspectives. University of Cape Town Press, Claremont, pp. 53-72. ISBN 9781775820727

Bilchitz, D. ORCID logoORCID: (2016) Privacy, surveillance and the duties of corporations: a South African approach. Journal of South African Law, 2016 (1). pp. 45-67. ISSN 0257-7747

Bilchitz, David ORCID logoORCID: (2016) The necessity for a business and human rights treaty. Business and Human Rights Journal, 1 (2). pp. 203-227. ISSN 2057-0198 doi:

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Breau, Susan C. and Samuel, Katja L. H., eds. (2016) Research handbook on disasters and international law. Research Handbooks in International Law. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. ISBN 9781784717391

Busby, Nicole and James, Grace (2016) Regulating work and care relationships in a time of austerity: a legal perspective. In: Lewis, S., Anderson, D., Lyonette, C., Payne, N. and Wood, S. (eds.) Work-Life Balance in Times of Recession, Austerity and Beyond. Routledge. ISBN 9781138926448

Byrne, Max (2016) Consent and the use of force: an examination of 'intervention by invitation’ as a basis for US drone strikes in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. Journal on the Use of Force and International Law, 3 (1). pp. 97-125. ISSN 2053-1710 doi:


Callus, Therese (2016) La conservation du sang de cordon au Royaume-Uni. In: Chiaroni, Jacques, Chevé, Dominique, Berland-Benhaim, Caroline and Le Coz, Pierre (eds.) Le sang: donner et recevoir. CNRS Editions, Paris, pp. 250-262. ISBN 9782271090263


Devenney, James and Kenny, Mel (2016) The regulation of unfair terms in non-professional suretyship agreements: lessons for the wider EU harmonisation agenda. In: Fairweather, Karen, O'Shea, Paul and Grantham, Ross (eds.) Credit, Consumers and the Law: After the Global Storm. Routledge. ISBN 9781472452344


Freedman, Rosa (2016) UN-Accountable? A response to Devika Hovell. AJIL Unbound, 110. 8.

Freedman, Rosa and Mchangama, Jacob (2016) Expanding or diluting Human Rights? The proliferation of United Nations Special Procedures mandates. Human Rights Quarterly, 38 (1). pp. 164-193. ISSN 1085-794X doi:


Gaudin, Germain and Mantzari, Deni (2016) Margin squeeze: an above cost predatory pricing approach. Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 12 (1). pp. 151-179. ISSN 1744-6422 doi:

Govindarajan Driver, Deepa and Miglionico, Andrea (2016) Rethinking financial regulation: an appraisal of regulatory approaches in the UK and EU. Law and Economics Yearly Review, 5 (1). pp. 98-124. ISSN 2050-9014

Green, James A. (2016) The persistent objector rule in international law. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp352. ISBN 9780198704218

Green, James A. (2016) Disasters caused in cyberspace. In: Breau, Susan C, and Samuel, Katja L. H. (eds.) Research Handbook on Disasters and International Law. Research Handbooks in International Law. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 406-427. ISBN 9781784717391


Hamilton, Frances (2016) Strategies to achieve same-sex marriage and the method of incrementalist change. Journal of Transnational Law and Policy, 25. pp. 121-153. ISSN 1067-8182

Hamilton, Frances and Clayton-Helm, Lauren (2016) Same sex relationships choice of law and the continued recognised relationship theory. Journal of International and Comparative Law, 3 (1). pp. 1-31. ISSN 2313-3775

Hathaway, Oona, Lederman, Marty and Schmitt, Michael (2016) Two lingering concerns about the forthcoming law of war manual amendments. Just Security.

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Hilson, Chris (2016) Environmental SLAPPs in the UK: threat or opportunity? Environmental Politics, 25 (2). pp. 248-267. ISSN 1743-8934 doi:

Hilson, Chris (2016) Litigation against fracking bans and moratoriums in the US: exit, voice and loyalty. William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review, 40 (3). pp. 745-768. ISSN 1943-1104


James, Grace (2016) Family-friendly employment laws (re)assessed: the potential of care ethics. Industrial Law Journal, 45 (4). pp. 477-502. ISSN 0305-9332 doi:


Kenny, Mel and Devenney, James (2016) The fragility of unfair terms law on bank charges: towards a complex re-litigation in the UK? In: Fairweather, Karen, O'Shea, Paul and Grantham, Ross (eds.) Credit, Consumers and the Law: After the Global Storm. Markets and the Law. Routledge. ISBN 9781472452344


Mantzari, Despoina (2016) Economic evidence in regulatory disputes: revisiting the court-regulatory agency relationship in the US and the UK. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 36 (3). pp. 565-594. ISSN 0143-6503 doi:

Marinova, Miroslava (2016) Should the rejection of the "as efficient competitor" test in the Intel and Post Danmark II judgments lead to dismissal of the effect-based approach? European Competition Journal, 12 (2-3). pp. 387-408. ISSN 1757-8396 doi:

Markou, Christiana M. and Riefa, Christine (2016) App-solutely protected? The protection of consumers using mobile apps in the European Union. In: Rothchild, John A. (ed.) Research Handbook on Electronic Commerce Law. Research Handbooks in Information Law. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., Cheltenham, pp. 391-418, 640 pages. ISBN 9781783479917

Merkin, Robert (2016) Colinvaux's Law of Insurance, 11th Edition. Sweet & Maxwell Ltd. ISBN 9780414055902

Merkin, Robert and Hjalmarsson, Johanna (2016) Singapore Arbitration Legislation, Annotated 2nd Edition. Informa Law from Routledge, pp324. ISBN 9781138801837

Merkin, Rob (2016) Insurance and reinsurance in the Fairchild enclave. Legal Studies: The Journal of the Society of Legal Scholars, 36 (2). pp. 302-325. ISSN 1748-121X doi:

Merkin, Robert (2016) What does an assured "know" for the purpose of pre-contract disclosure? Insurance Law Journal, 27. pp. 157-175. ISSN 1030-2379

Merkin, Robert and Gürses, Özlem (2016) Insurance contracts after the Insurance Act 2015. Law Quarterly Review, 132 (3). pp. 445-469. ISSN 0023-933X


Newdick, Christopher (2016) Global capitalism and the crisis of the public interest – sleepwalking into disaster. In: Breau, Susan C. and Samuel, Katja L. H. (eds.) Research Handbook on Disasters and International Law. Research Handbooks in International Law. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 23-45. ISBN 9781784717391

Newnham, Annika and Harding, Maebh (2016) Sharing as caring? Contact and residence disputes between parents. Child and Family Law Quarterly, 28 (2). pp. 175-196. ISSN 1358-8184

Newton, Lucy Ann and Barnes, Victoria (2016) Virtuous banking: the role of the community in monitoring English joint-stock banks and their managements in the nineteenth century. In: Akrivou, Kleio and Sison, José G. (eds.) The Challenges of Capitalism for Virtue: Ethics and the Common Good. Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, pp. 62-74. ISBN 9781784717902 doi:


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Roberts, Nicholas (2016) Arnold v. Britton: a ratio and two sets of obiter dicta. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer, 2016 (1). pp. 70-78. ISSN 0010-8200

Roberts, Nicholas (2016) When leaseholders are landlords: Edwards v Kumarasamy [2016] UKSC 40; [2016] 3 W.L.R. 310. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer, 2016 (6). pp. 470-480. ISSN 0010-8200


Samuel, Stephen (2016) British influences on the ‘ideals’ of international lawyers. In: McCorquodale, Robert and Gauci, Jean-Pierre (eds.) British Influences on International Law, 1915-2015. Brill, pp. 76-90. ISBN 9789004284173 doi:

Sato, Mai (2016) 世論という神話―望むのは「死刑」ですか?’ (Public opinion myth: is ‘death’ what we really want?). 世界(Sekai), 879. pp. 183-191. ISSN 0582-4532

Sato, Mai and Hough, M. (2016) Disrupting the market for illegal rhino horn and ivory. Journal of Trafficking, Organised Crime and Security, 2 (1). pp. 21-35. ISSN 2374-1198

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Schmitt, Michael (2016) US transparency regarding international law in cyberspace. Just Security.

Schmitt, Michael and Vihul, Liis (2016) The nature of international law cyber norms. In: Osula, Anna-Maria and Roigas, Henry (eds.) International Cyber Norms Legal, Policy & Industry Perspectives. NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, Tallinn, Estonia, pp. 23-48. ISBN 9789949954469

Schmitt, Michael N. and Vihul, Liis (2016) The emergence of international legal norms for cyberconflict. In: Allhoff, Fritz, Henschke, Adam and Strawser, Bradley Jay (eds.) Binary bullets: the ethics of cyberwarfare. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 34-55. ISBN 9780190221072 doi:

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Tryfonidou, Alina (2016) The impact of Union citizenship on the EU's market freedoms. Modern Studies in European Law. Hart Publishing, Oxford, pp288. ISBN 9781849461672

Tryfonidou, Alina (2016) The Léger ruling as another example of the ECJ’s disappointingly reticent approach to the protection of the rights of LGB persons under EU law. European Law Review, 41 (1). pp. 91-104. ISSN 0307-5400


Warwas, Barbara, Riefa, Christine, Ferretti, Federico, Cole, Tony, Bantekas, Ilias and Ortolani, Pietro, (2016) Legal instruments and practice of arbitration in the EU (annex): Study for the JURI committee. Report. Publications Office of the European Union pp123. ISBN 9789282362563 ISSN 1875-4120 doi:

Wilde, Mark L. (2016) Implications for the rail freight sector of stricter European Union locomotive emission limits: a UK perspective. Business Law Review, 37 (4). pp. 118-123. ISSN 0143-6295


Zakaria, Idlan, Reifner, Udo, Neuberger, Doris, Clerc-Renaud, Sebastian, Schwizer, Paola, Nastansky, Andreas, Stephan, Andreas, Soana, Maria Gaia, Ferri, Giovanni, Schwartz, Saul, Forbes, William and Riefa, Christine, (2016) Study on the remuneration provisions applicable to credit institutions and investment firms. Report. European Commission

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Ziegler, Ruvi ORCID logoORCID: (2016) Administrative Appeal 5126-07-15 Zegete v Ministry of the Interior (Beer-Sheva District Court, Israel, 8 November 2015). International Journal of Refugee Law, 28 (1). pp. 111-112. ISSN 1464-3715 doi:

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