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Bakar, K.F.T.A., Eusoff, N., Lau, K.Y., Piah, M.A.M. and Ching, K. Y. (2017) DC and AC Breakdown Behaviors of Polyethylene/ Silica Nanocomposites. In: 2016 IEEE International Conference on Power and Energy (PECon), 28-29 NOV 2016, Melaka, Malaysia, pp. 591-594. doi:

Butt, M. M., Rose, S., Wilkins, S. and ul-Haq, J. (2017) MNCs and religious influences in global markets: drivers of consumer-based halal brand equity. International Marketing Review, 34 (6). pp. 885-908. ISSN 0265-1335 doi:

Ching, Y. C., Chuah, C. H., Ching, K. Y., Abdullah, L. C. and Rahman, A. (2017) Applications of thermoplastic-based blends. In: Visakh, P.M., Markovic, G. and Pasquini, D. (eds.) Recent Developments in Polymer Macro, Micro and Nano Blends: Preparation and Characterisation. Woodhead Publishing, pp. 111-129. doi:

Chong, W. L., Ting, K. H. and Cheng, F. F. (2017) The performance of externally managed REITs in Asia. Journal of Property Investment & Finance, 35 (2). pp. 200-227. ISSN 1463-578X doi:

Dinish, U. S., Wong, C. L., Sriram, S., Ong, W. K., Balasundaram, G., Sugii, S. and Olivio, M. (2017) Diffuse optical spectroscopy and imaging to detect and quantify adipose tissue browning. Scientific Reports, 7. 41357. ISSN 2045-2322 doi:

Ho, S. W. H. and Lee, J. H. (2017) The practice of measurements for shared value initiatives by public sector organizations in Malaysia. Malaysian Management Review, 52 (2). pp. 51-73. ISSN 0025-1348

Jones, D. J. W., Harris, J. P., Butler, L. T. and Vaux, E. C. (2017) Stereopsis in end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Physiology & Behavior, 171. pp. 1-6. ISSN 0031-9384 doi:

Kalckert, A. and Ehrsson, H. (2017) The onset time of the ownership sensation in the moving rubber hand illusion. Frontiers in Psychology, 8. 344. ISSN 1664-1078 doi:

Kan, Y. Y. (2017) Is portfolio optimization worthwhile? A study in Malaysia. In: The 19th Malaysian Finance Association Annual Conference (MFAC) 2017, 16-18 May 2017, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar, Perak, Malaysia.

Kan, Y. Y. (2017) Macroeconomic environment of bull markets in Malaysia. Qualitative Research in Financial Markets, 9 (1). pp. 72-96. ISSN 1755-4179 doi:

Kan, Y. Y. (2017) Why RMB should be more flexible. Journal of Financial Economic Policy, 9 (2). pp. 156-173. ISSN 1757-6385 doi:

Khiyon, N. A. (2017) Whole life cycle costing for sustainable facility management. In: 21st Annual Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors Congress, pp. 181-190.

Kim Man, M. M. (2017) ASEAN in the global arena - science, technology and innovation in ASEAN. In: Education for Human Resource Development in the 21st Century, 5-6 Sep 2017, Bangkok, Thailand.

Kim Man, M. M. and Celis, E. E. (2017) Influences of environmental factors on e-commerce. Actual Problems of Economics, 11 (197). pp. 59-65. ISSN 1993-6788

Kuppusamy, S. and Mari, T. S. (2017) Relationship between environmental awareness and environmental knowledge using “AKASA” model among architecture students in private universities, Klang Valley, Malaysia. In: 2nd. International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Application, 21 October 2017, London, United Kingdom.

Lau, K. Y., Piah, M. A. M. and Ching, K. Y. (2017) Correlating the breakdown strength with electric field analysis for polyethylene/silica nanocomposites. Journal of Electrostatics, 86. pp. 1-11. ISSN 0304-3886 doi:

Lee, X. S., Khamidi, M. F., See, Z. S., Lees, T. and Chai, C. S. (2017) Augmented reality for nDimensional building information modelling contextualization, customization and curation. In: 22nd International Conference on Virtual Systems & Multimedia (VSMM 2016), October 17-21, 2016, Kuala Lumpur.

Manaslastas, E. J., Ojanen, T. T., Torre, B. A., Ratanashevorn, R., Hong, B. C. C., Kumaresan, V. and Veeramuthu, V. (2017) Homonegativity in Southeast Asia: attitudes toward lesbians and gay men in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Asia-Pacific Social Science Review, 17 (1). pp. 25-33. ISSN 0119-8386

Mohamad, A., Zainuddin, Y., Alam, N. and Kendall, G. (2017) Does decentralized decision making increase company performance through its Information Technology infrastructure investment? International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 27. pp. 1-15. ISSN 1467-0895 doi:

Mura Paroche, M., Caton, S. J., Vereijken, C. M. J. L., Weenen, H. and Houston-Price, C. (2017) How infants and young children learn about food: a systematic review. Frontiers in Psychology, 8. 1046. ISSN 1664-1078 doi:

Perera, A. T.-m., Newport, R. and McKenzie, K. J. (2017) Changing hands: persistent alterations to body image following brief exposure to multisensory distortions. Experimental Brain Research, 235 (6). pp. 1809-1821. ISSN 0014-4819 doi:

Ravishankar, D., Salamah, M., Attina, A., Pothi, R., Vallance, T. M., Javed, M., Williams, H. F., Alzahrani, E. M. S., Kabova, E., Vaiyapuri, R., Shankland, K., Gibbins, J., Strohfeldt, K., Greco, F., Osborn, H. M. I. and Vaiyapuri, S. (2017) Ruthenium-conjugated chrysin analogues modulate platelet activity, thrombus formation and haemostasis with enhanced efficacy. Scientific Reports, 7. 5738. ISSN 2045-2322 doi:

Tan, K. W., Graf, B. A., Mitra, S. R. and Stephen, I. D. (2017) Impact of fresh fruit smoothie consumption on apparent health of Asian faces. Evolution and Human Behavior, 38 (4). pp. 522-529. ISSN 1090-5138 doi:

Udenni Gunathilake, T. M. S., Ching, Y. C., Ching, K. Y., Chuah, C. H. and Abdullah, L. C. (2017) Biomedical and microbiological applications of bio-based porous materials: a review. Polymers, 9 (5). 160. ISSN 2073-4360 doi:

Umar, U. A., Syafiq, N., Malakahmad, A., Nuruddin, M. F. and Khamidi, M. F. (2017) A review on adoption of novel techniques in construction waste management and policy. Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, 19 (4). pp. 1361-1373. ISSN 1611-8227 doi:

Veeramuthu, V., Narayanan, V., Ramli, N., Hernowo, A., Waran, V., Bondi, M. W., Delano-Wood, L. and Ganesan, D. (2017) Neuropsychological outcomes in patients with complicated versus uncomplicated mild traumatic brain injury: a 6 months follow-up. World Neurosurgery, 97. pp. 416-423. ISSN 1878-8769 doi:

Williams, H. F., Vaiyapuri, R., Gajjeraman, P., Hutchinson, G., Gibbins, J. M., Bicknell, A. B. and Vaiyapuri, S. (2017) Challenges in diagnosing and treating snakebites in a rural population of Tamil Nadu, India: the views of clinicians. Toxicon, 130. pp. 44-46. ISSN 0041-0101 doi:

Ya Ce, C. and Kim Man, M. M. (2017) The effect of service quality and medical environment towards patients' satisfaction in the medical industry in China. In: Education for Human Resource Development in the 21st Century, 5-6 Sep 2017, Bangkok, Thailand.

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