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Adewale, A. A. (2016) Investigating the interaction between corporate bureaucracies and employees’ moral identities in explaining moral behaviour. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

Alhammadi, S. (2016) Corporate governance dilemma with unrestricted profit sharing investment accounts in Islamic banks. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

Antypas, N. (2016) Essays on mergers and acquisitions: acquisition target prediction, CEO deal experience on deal performance, and value creation on a massive scale. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

Bedker II, J. L. (2016) Understanding professional identity in unionized expert labor: an exploratory study of United States airline pilots following merger-acquisition events. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

Cantarella, S. (2016) Decision-making under low and high financial uncertainty: an investigation about the impact of emotions on behavioural and psychophysiological outcomes. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

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Harris, J. (2008) Supporting multi-organisational collaborative groups in the public sector. In: SSE Systems Engineering Conference 2008, 25-26 Sep 2008, The University of Reading. (Unpublished)

Harris, J. and Sun, L. (2008) A Conceptual Model for Group Support Systems in Local Councils. In: 10th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, 12-16 June 2008, Barcelona, Spain, pp. 203-207.

Ho, Y.-C. (2016) Multilateral transfer of technological knowledge in MNEs: a study based on IC design MNEs, 2001-2008. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

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Kirollos, K. (2015) The evolution and heterogeneity of outward foreign direct investment from Latin America. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

Li, X. (2016) Empirical investigations into the impacts of corporate responsibility on the market for corporate control: from deal initialization to finalization. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

Liu, K. and Filipe, J., eds. (2010) Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Knowledge Management and Information Sharing (KMIS 2010). SciTePress - Science and Technology Publications. ISBN 9789898425300

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Seepe, S. (2004) Towards an African identity of higher education. Vista University, Pretoria, pp200. ISBN 9781868281756

Seepe, S. (2004) The story of Vista University: 21st anniversary. Vista University, Pretoria, pp88. ISBN 9781868281695

Seppe, S. (2004) Preface. In: Mokae, G. (ed.) Robert McBride: a coloured life. South African History Online. ISBN 9780620321815

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Thompson, E. R. and Phua, F. T. T. (2005) Development and validation of an internationally reliable short-form of the Positive and Negative Affect schedule. In: Academy of International Business Conference, 23-25, November, Manila, Philippines.

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Zhou, D. and He, Y. (2008) A hybrid generative/discriminative framework to train a semantic parser from an un-annotated corpus. In: 22nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING '08), 18-22 Aug 2008, Manchester, UK, pp. 1113-1120.

Zhou, X. (2017) Essays on the effects of ESG shareholder engagement on investment risks and return. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

van Mierlo, T., Fournier, R. and Ingham, M. (2015) Targeting medication non-adherence behavior in selected autoimmune diseases: a systematic approach to digital health program development. PLoS ONE, 10 (6). e0129364. ISSN 1932-6203 doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0129364

van Mierlo, T., Hyatt, D. and Ching, A. T. (2016) Employing the Gini coefficient to measure participation inequality in treatment-focused Digital Health Social Networks. Network modeling and analysis in health informatics and bioinformatics, 5 (1). 32. ISSN 2192-6662 doi: 10.1007/s13721-016-0140-7

van Mierlo, T., Hyatt, D. and Ching, A. T. (2015) Mapping power law distributions in digital health social networks: methods, interpretations, and practical implications. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 17 (6). e160. ISSN 1438-8871 doi: 10.2196/jmir.4297

van Mierlo, T., Hyatt, D., Ching, A. T., Fournier, R. and Dembo, R. S. (2016) Behavioral economics, wearable devices, and cooperative games: results from a population-based intervention to increase physical activity. JMIR Serious Games, 4 (1). e1. ISSN 2291-9279 doi: 10.2196/games.5358

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