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Abdallah, A. I., Commander, N. J., Woodward, M. J., Spencer, S., Hart, C. A. and Winstanley, C. (2003) Type III secretion homologs are present in Brucella melitensis, B-ovis, and B-suis biovars 1, 2, and 3. Current Microbiology, 46 (4). pp. 241-245. ISSN 0343-8651 doi:

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Bilchitz, D. ORCID: (2003) South Africa: right to health and access to HIV/AIDS drugs treatment. International Journal of Constitutional Law, 1 (3). pp. 524-534. ISSN 1474-2640 doi:

Bilchitz, D. ORCID: (2003) Towards a reasonable approach to the minimum core: laying the foundations for future socio-economic rights jurisprudence. South African Journal on Human Rights, 19 (1). ISSN 0258-7203 doi:

AKZO NOBEL N.V (2003) Oxidatively drying coating composition. WO 03/029371 A1. doi: WO 03/029371 A1

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D'Altero, G. L., Bazeley, K. J., Pearson, G. R., Jones, J. R., Jose, M. and Woodward, M. J. (2003) Meningitis associated with Salmonella Newport in a neonatal alpaca (Lama pacos) in the United Kingdom. Veterinary Record, 152 (2). pp. 56-57. ISSN 0042-4900

Delsol, A. A., Anjum, M., Woodward, M. J., Sunderland, J. and Roe, J. M. (2003) The effect of chlortetracycline treatment and its subsequent withdrawal on multi-resistant Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium DT104 and commensal Escherichia coli in the pig. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 95 (6). pp. 1226-1234. ISSN 1364-5072 doi:

Di Fatta, G., Lo Presto, G. and Lo Re, G. (2003) A parallel genetic algorithm for the Steiner Problem in Networks. In: The 15th IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems (PDCS 2003), 3-5 Nov 2003, Marina del Rey, CA, USA, pp. 569-573.

Dobosz, D. ORCID: (2003) The repertory grid interview and laddering as complementary instruments for organisational culture analysis based on the ethnographic approach. In: Chiari, G. and Nuzzo, M. L. (eds.) Psychological contructivism and the social world. FrancoAngeli. ISBN 9788846448125


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Eiden, H. (2003) Elitenkultur contra Volkskultur – Zur Kritik an Robert Muchembleds Deutung der Hexenverfolgungen. In: Voltmer, R. and Gehl, G. (eds.) Alltagsleben und Magie in Hexenprozessen. Historie und Politik, 13. Bertuch Verlag, Weimar, Germany, pp. 21-32. ISBN 9783933837134

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La Ragione, R. M., Cooley, W. A., Velge, P., Jepson, M. A. and Woodward, M. J. (2003) Membrane ruffling and invasion of human and avian cell lines is reduced for aflagellate mutants of Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis. International Journal of Medical Microbiology, 293 (4). pp. 261-272. ISSN 1438-4221 doi:

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