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Albertoni, F., Elia, S. and Piscitello, L. (2019) Inertial vs. mindful repetition of previous entry mode choices: do firms always learn from experience? Journal of Business Research, 103. pp. 530-546. ISSN 0148-2963 doi:

Altman, S. A. (2019) Distance with distinctions: examining firm capabilities, region Boundaries, and IB distance measures in gravity models. PhD thesis, University of Reading. doi:

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Barnes, V. and Newton, L. (2019) Symbolism in bank marketing and architecture: the headquarters of National Provincial Bank of England. Management and Organizational History, 14 (3). pp. 213-244. ISSN 1744-9359 doi:

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Cooper, M. and Nguyen, Q. T. K. (2019) Understanding the interaction of motivation and opportunity for tax planning inside US multinationals: a qualitative study. Journal of World Business, 54 (6). 101023. ISSN 1090-9516 doi:

De Cuyper, N., Piccoli, B., Fontinha, R. and De Witte, H. (2019) Job insecurity, employability and satisfaction among temporary and permanent employees in post-crisis Europe. Economic and Industrial Democracy, 40 (2). pp. 173-192. ISSN 1461-7099 doi:

Delevic, U. (2019) Foreign direct investments and the labour market. PhD thesis, University of Reading. doi:

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Fontinha, R., Easton, S. and Van Laar, D. (2019) Overtime and quality of working life in academics and non-academics: the role of perceived work-life balance. International Journal of Stress Management, 26 (2). pp. 173-183. ISSN 1072-5245 doi:

Foreman-Peck, J., Raff, D. and Scott, P. (2019) Introduction: Leslie Hannah and business history in his time. Business History, 61 (7). pp. 1091-1107. ISSN 1743-7938 doi:

Furusawa, M. and Brewster, C. (2019) The determinants of the boundary-spanning functions of Japanese self-initiated expatriates in Japanese subsidiaries in China: individual skills and human resource management. Journal of International Management, 25 (4). 100674. ISSN 1075-4253 doi:

Garrone, P., Piscitello, L. and D'Amelio, M. (2019) Multinational enterprises and the provision of collective goods in developing countries under formal and informal institutional voids. The case of electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of International Management, 25 (2). 100650. ISSN 1075-4253 doi:

Goergen, M., Chahine, S., Wood, G. and Brewster, C. (2019) The relationship between public listing, context, multi-nationality and CSR. Journal of Corporate Finance, 57. pp. 122-141. ISSN 0929-1199 doi:

Haak-Saheem, W., Özçelik, G., Brewster, C. and McNulty, Y. (2019) Hidden inequalities amongst the international workforce. In: Nachmias, S. and Caven, V. (eds.) Inequality and Organizational Practice Volume II: Employment Relations. Palgrave Explorations in Workplace Stigma. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9783030116460 doi:

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Ho, S. (2019) Preparedness for Asean Economic Community (AEC): a case study of Malaysian SME manufacturing sector. Journal of Asia Business Studies, 13 (3). pp. 384-411. ISSN 1558-7894 doi:

Ho, S. W. H. (2019) Sustainability of cultural influences on decision-making: a case study of institutional elderly care in China. Malaysian Management Review, 53 (1). pp. 15-38. ISSN 0025-1348

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Kim, C. (2019) Managers’ international experiences, their advice networks, and performance in MNEs. PhD thesis, University of Reading. doi:

Kim, C., Chung, C. and Brewster, C. (2019) Beyond nationality: international experience as a key dimension for subsidiary staffing choices in MNEs. Journal of Global Mobility. ISSN 2049-8799 doi:

Kumar, R., Budhwar, P., Patel, C. and Varma, A. (2019) Self-regulation and expatriate adjustment: the role of regulatory fit. Human Resource Management Review, 29 (4). 100666. ISSN 1053-4822 doi:

Lane, J. (2019) Secrets for sale? Innovation and the nature of knowledge in an early industrial district: the potteries, 1750-1851. Enterprise & Society, 20 (4). pp. 861-906. ISSN 1467-2235 doi:

Lee, J. M. (2019) Intra- and inter-regional diversification, subsidiary value chain activities and expatriate utilization. Journal of International Management, 25 (3). 100668. ISSN 1075-4253 doi:

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Narula, R. and Pineli, A. (2019) Improving the development impact of multinational enterprises: policy and research challenges. Economia e Politica Industriale/Journal of Industrial and Business Economics, 46 (1). pp. 1-24. ISSN 0391-2078 doi:

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Narula, R., Asmussen, C., Chi, T. and Kundu, S. (2019) Applying and advancing internalization theory: the multinational enterprise in the 21st century. Journal of International Business Studies, 50 (8). pp. 1231-1252. ISSN 1478-6990 doi:

Narula, R., Massini, S. and Elia, S. (2019) Disintegration, modularity and entry mode choice: Mirroring technical and organizational architectures in business functions offshoring. Journal of Business Research, 103. pp. 417-431. ISSN 0148-2963 doi:

Paik, Y., Lee, J. M. and Pak, Y. S. (2019) Convergence in international business ethics? A comparative study of ethical philosophies, thinking style, and ethical decision-making between US and Korean managers. Journal of Business Ethics, 156 (3). pp. 839-855. ISSN 1573-0697 doi:

Patel, C., Budhwar, P., Witzemann, A. and Katou, A. (2019) HR outsourcing: the impact on HR's strategic role and remaining in-house HR function. Journal of Business Research, 103. pp. 397-406. ISSN 0148-2963 doi:

Pavlisa, K. (2019) Career, capitals and consumption: an analysis of the impacts of narrowly-defined occupational membership on household consumption, from a human capital and occupational field perspective. PhD thesis, University of Reading. doi:

Petricevic, O. and Verbeke, A. (2019) Unbundling dynamic capabilities for inter-organizational collaboration. Cross Cultural & Strategic Management, 26 (3). pp. 422-448. ISSN 2059-5794 doi:

Pokorny, M., Miskell, P. and Sedgwick, J. (2019) Managing uncertainty in creative industries: film sequels and Hollywood's profitability, 1988-2015. Competition and Change, 23 (1). pp. 23-46. ISSN 1477-2221 doi:

Ramboarison-Lalao, L., Brewster, C. and Boyer, P.-Y. (2019) African religious ministers’ transition from expatriation to migration: the role of world-view. Journal of Global Mobility, 7 (4). pp. 346-363. ISSN 2049-8799 doi:

Ramboarison-Lalao, L., Madanamoothoo, A., Cerdin, J. L. and Brewster, C. (2019) Should we have a family? Family-planning decision-making and work-family balance: an exploration of the influence of culture and religion amongst African female migrants. In: McNulty, Y., Mutter, J. and Collins, H. (eds.) Research Handbook of Global Families. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, Cheltenham. (In Press)

Rodríguez-Ruiz, F., Almodóvar, P. and Nguyen, Q. T. K. (2019) Intellectual structure of international new venture research: a bibliometric analysis and suggestions for a future research agenda. Multinational Business Review, 27 (4). pp. 285-316. ISSN 1525-383X doi:

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Stahl, G. K., Brewster, C. J., Collings, D. G. and Hajro, A. (2019) Enhancing the role of human resource management in corporate sustainability and social responsibility: a multi-stakeholder, multidimensional approach to HRM. Human Resource Management Review. ISSN 1053-4822 doi:

Surdu, I., Mellahi, K. and Glaister, K. W. (2019) Once bitten, not necessarily shy? Determinants of foreign market re-entry commitment strategies. Journal of International Business Studies, 50 (3). pp. 393-422. ISSN 1478-6990 doi:

Vallone, T., Elia, S., Greve, P., Longoni, L. and Marinelli, D. (2019) Top management team influence on firms’ internationalization complexity. In: van Tulder, R., Verbeke, A. and Jankowska, B. (eds.) International Business in a VUCA World: The Changing Role of States and Firms. 1978, 14. Emerald, pp. 203-230. ISBN 9781838672560 doi:

Verbeke, A., Ciravegna, L., Lopez, L. E. and Kundu, S. K. (2019) Five configurations of opportunism in international market entry. Journal of Management Studies, 56 (7). pp. 1287-1313. ISSN 1467-6486 doi:

Walker, J., Greve, P., Wood, G. and Miskell, P. (2019) Because you're worth it? Determinants of Vice Chancellor pay in the UK. Industrial Relations Journal, 50 (5-6). pp. 450-467. ISSN 0019-8692 doi:

Walker, J., Salter, A., Fontinha, R. and Salandra, R. (2019) The impact of journal re-grading on perception of ranking systems: exploring the case of the academic journal guide and business and management scholars in the UK. Research Evaluation, 28 (3). pp. 218-231. ISSN 1471-5449 doi:

Walker, J. T., Fenton, E., Salter, A. and Salandra, R. (2019) What influences business academics’ use of the Association of Business Schools’ (ABS) list? Evidence from a survey of UK academics. British Journal of Management, 30 (3). pp. 730-747. ISSN 1467-8551 doi:

Waxin, M.-F., Brewster, C. and Ashill, N. (2019) Expatriate time to proficiency: individual antecedents and the moderating effect of home country. Journal of Global Mobility, 7 (3). pp. 300-318. ISSN 2049-8799 doi:

Zhou, Y., Zou, M., Woods, S. A. and Wu, C.-H. (2019) The restorative effect of work after unemployment: an intra-individual analysis of subjective well-being recovery through reemployment. Journal of Applied Psychology, 104 (9). pp. 1195-1206. ISSN 1939-1854 doi:

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