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Allan, Richard P., Barlow, Mathew, Byrne, Michael P., Cherchi, Annalisa, Douville, Hervé, Fowler, Hayley J., Gan, Thian Y., Pendergrass, Angeline G., Rosenfeld, Daniel, Swann, Abigail L. S., Wilcox, Laura J. and Zolina, Olga (2020) Advances in understanding large-scale responses of the water cycle to climate change. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1472 (1). pp. 49-75. ISSN 1749-6632 doi:

Andrews, Martin B., Ridley, Jeff K., Wood, Richard A., Andrews, Timothy, Blockley, Edward W., Booth, Ben, Burke, Eleanor, Dittus, Andrea J., Florek, Piotr, Gray, Lesley J., Haddad, Stephen, Hardiman, Steven C., Hermanson, Leon, Hodson, Dan, Hogan, Emma, Jones, Gareth S., Knight, Jeff R., Kuhlbrodt, Till, Misios, Stergios, Mizielinski, Matthew S., Ringer, Mark A., Robson, Jon and Sutton, Rowan T. (2020) Historical simulations with HadGEM3-GC3.1 for CMIP6. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 12 (6). e2019MS001995. ISSN 1942-2466 doi:

Andrews, Timothy, Andrews, Martin B., Bodas‐Salcedo, Alejandro, Jones, Gareth S., Kuhlbrodt, Till, Manners, James, Menary, Matthew B., Ridley, Jeff, Ringer, Mark A., Sellar, Alistair A., Senior, Catherine A. and Tang, Yongming (2020) Forcings, feedbacks and climate sensitivity in HadGEM3‐GC3.1 and UKESM1. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 11 (12). pp. 4377-4394. ISSN 1942-2466 doi:

Archibald, Alexander T., O'Connor, Fiona M., Abraham, Nathan Luke, Archer-Nicholls, Scott, P. Chipperfield, Martyn, Dalvi, Mohit, Folberth, Gerd A., Dennison, Fraser, Dhomse, Sandip S., Griffiths, Paul T., Hardacre, Catherine, Hewitt, Alan J., Hill, Richard S., Johnson, Colin E., Keeble, James, Köhler, Marcus O., Morgenstern, Olaf, Mulcahy, Jane P., Ordóñez, Carlos, Rumbold, Steven T. ORCID logoORCID:, Pope, Richard J., Russo, Maria R., Savage, Nicholas H., Sellar, Alistair, Stringer, Marc, Wild, Oliver, Turnock, Steven T. and Zeng, Guang (2020) Description and evaluation of the UKCA stratosphere–troposphere chemistry scheme (StratTrop vn 1.0) implemented in UKESM1. Geoscientific Model Development, 13 (3). pp. 1223-1266. ISSN 1991-9603 doi:


Bador, Margot, Boé, Julien, Terray, Laurent, Alexander, Lisa V., Baker, Alex, Bellucci, Alessio, Haarsma, Rein, Koenigk, Torben, Moine, Marie-Pierre, Lohmann, Katja, Putrasahan, Dian A., Roberts, Chris, Roberts, Malcolm, Scoccimarro, Enrico, Schiemann, Reinhard, Seddon, Jon, Senan, Retish, Valcke, Sophie and Vanniere, Benoit (2020) Impact of higher spatial atmospheric resolution on precipitation extremes over land in global climate models. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 125 (3). ISSN 2169-8996 doi:

Barton, Emma J., Taylor, Christopher M., Parker, Douglas J., Turner, Andrew G., Belusic, Danijel, Boeing, Steven J., Brooke, Jennifer K., Harlow, R. Chawn, Harris, Phil P., Hunt, Kieran ORCID logoORCID:, Jayakumar, A. and Mitra, Ashis K. (2020) A case-study of land-atmosphere coupling during monsoon onset in northern India. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 146 (731). pp. 2891-2905. ISSN 1477-870X doi:

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Bevacqua, E., Vousdoukas, M. I., Zappa, G., Hodges, K., Shepherd, T. G., Maraun, D., Mentaschi, L. and Feyen, L. (2020) More meteorological events that drive compound coastal flooding are projected under climate change. Communications Earth & Environment, 1 (1). 47. ISSN 2662-4435 doi:

Bloch-Johnson, Jonah, Rugenstein, Maria and Abbot, Dorian S. (2020) Spatial radiative feedbacks from internal variability using multiple regression. Journal of Climate, 33 (10). pp. 4121-4140. ISSN 1520-0442 doi:

Bloomfield, Hannah C., Brayshaw, David J. and Charlton-Perez, Andrew J. (2020) Characterizing the winter meteorological drivers of the European electricity system using targeted circulation types. Meteorological Applications, 27 (1). e1858. ISSN 1469-8080 doi:

Boult, Vicky L. ORCID logoORCID:, Asfaw, Dagmawi Teklu, Young, Matthew, Maidment, Ross, Mwangi, Emmah, Ambani, Maurine, Waruru, Shamton, Otieno, George, Todd, Martin C. and Black, Emily (2020) Evaluation and validation of TAMSAT-ALERT soil moisture and WRSI for use in drought anticipatory action. Meteorological Applications, 27 (5). e1959. ISSN 1469-8080 doi:

Braghiere, Renato K., Quaife, Tristan, Black, Emily, Ryu, Youngryel, Chen, Qi, De Kauwe, Martin G. and Baldocchi, Dennis (2020) Influence of sun zenith angle on canopy clumping and the resulting impacts on photosynthesis. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 291. 108065. ISSN 0168-1923 doi:

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Coker, Phil J., Bloomfield, Hannah C., Drew, Daniel R. and Brayshaw, David J. (2020) Interannual weather variability and the challenges for Great Britain’s electricity market design. Renewable Energy, 150. pp. 509-522. ISSN 0960-1481 doi:

Collins, Matthew, Barreiro, Marcelo, Frölicher, Thomas, Kang, Sarah, Karumuri, Ashok, Roxy Koll, Matthew, Singh, Deepti, Tedeschi, Renata Goncalves, Wang, Guojian, Wilcox, Laura and Wu, Bo (2020) Frontiers in climate predictions and projections. Frontiers in climate, 2. ISSN 2624-9553 doi:

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Cui, Jiangpeng, Piao, Shilong, Huntingford, Chris, Wang, Xuhai, Lian, Xu, Chevuturi, Amulya, Turner, Andy G. ORCID logoORCID: and Kooperman, Gabriel J. (2020) Vegetation forcing modulates global land monsoon and water resources in a CO2-enriched climate. Nature Communications, 11. 5184. ISSN 2041-1723 doi:


Di Capua, G., Runge, J., Donner, R. V., van den Hurk, B., Turner, Andy G ORCID logoORCID:, Vellore, R., Krishnan, R. and Coumou, D. (2020) Dominant patterns of boreal summer interactions between tropics and mid-latitude: causal relationships and the role of timescales. Weather and Climate Dynamics, 1 (2). pp. 519-539. ISSN 2698-4024 doi:

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Dunstone, Nick, Smith, Doug, Yeager, Steve, Danabasoglu, Gokhan, Monerie, Paul-Arthur, Hermanson, Leon, Eade, Rosemary, Ineson, Sarah, Robson, Jon I., Scaife, Adam A. and Ren, Hong-Li (2020) Skilful interannual climate prediction from two large initialised model ensembles. Environmental Research Letters, 15 (9). 094083. ISSN 1748-9326 doi:

de Mora, Lee, Sellar, Alastair A., Yool, Andrew, Palmieri, Julien, Smith, Robin S., Kuhlbrodt, Till ORCID logoORCID:, Parker, Robert J., Walton, Jeremy, Blackford, Jeremy C. and Jones, Colin G. (2020) Earth system music: music generated from the United Kingdom Earth System Model (UKESM1). Geoscience Communications, 3. pp. 263-278. ISSN 2569-7110 doi:

de Mora, Lee, Sellar, Alistair A., Yool, Andrew, Palmieri, Julien, Smith, Robin S., Kuhlbrodt, Till ORCID logoORCID:, Parker, Robert J., Walton, Jeremy, Blackford, Jeremy C. and Jones, Colin G. (2020) Earth system music: the methodology and reach of music generated from the United Kingdom earth system model. Geoscience Communications, 3. pp. 263-278. ISSN 2569-7110 doi:


Emerton, Rebecca, Cloke, Hannah, Ficchi, Andrea, Hawker, Laurence, de Wit, Sara, Speight, Linda, Prudhomme, Christel, Rundell, Philip, West, Rosalind, Neal, Jeffrey, Cuna, Joaquim, Harrigan, Shaun, Titley, Helen, Magnusson, Linus, Pappenberger, Florian, Klingaman, Nick and Stephens, Liz (2020) Emergency flood bulletins for Cyclones Idai and Kenneth: a critical evaluation of the use of global flood forecasts for international humanitarian preparedness and response. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 50. 101811. ISSN 2212-4209 doi:

Estella-Perez, Victor, Mignot, Juliette, Guilyardi, Eric, Swingedouw, Didier and Reverdin, Gilles (2020) Advances in reconstructing the AMOC using sea surface observations of salinity. Climate Dynamics, 55 (3-4). pp. 975-992. ISSN 0930-7575 doi:

Eunice Lo, Y. T., Mitchell, Daniel M., Bohnenstengel, Sylvia I., Collins, Mat, Hawkins, Ed ORCID logoORCID:, Hegerl, Gabriele C., Joshi, Manoj and Stott, Peter A. (2020) U.K. climate projections: Summer daytime and nighttime urban heat island changes in England’s major cities. Journal of Climate, 33 (20). pp. 9015-9030. ISSN 0894-8755 doi:


Feng, Xiangbo, Klingaman, Nick, Hodges, Kevin and Guo, Yi-Peng (2020) Western North Pacific tropical cyclones in the Met Office Global Seasonal Forecast System: performance and ENSO teleconnections. Journal of Climate, 33 (24). pp. 10489-10504. ISSN 1520-0442 doi:

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Fletcher, Jennifer K., Parker, Douglas J., Turner, Andrew G., Menon, Arathy, Martin, Gill M., Birch, Cathryn E., Mitra, Ashis K., Mrudula, G., Hunt, Kieran M. R., Taylor, Christopher M., Houze, Robert A., Brodzik, Stella R. and Bhat, G. S. (2020) The dynamic and thermodynamic structure of the monsoon over southern India: new observations from the INCOMPASS IOP. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 146 (731). pp. 2867-2890. ISSN 1477-870X doi:


Gao, Yingxia, Klingaman, Nicholas P. ORCID logoORCID:, DeMott, Charlotte A and Hsu, Pang-Chi (2020) Boreal summer intraseasonal oscillation in a superparameterized general circulation model: effects of air–sea coupling and ocean mean state. Geoscientific Model Development, 13 (11). pp. 5191-5209. ISSN 1991-9603 doi:

Giddings, Jack, Matthews, Adrian J., Klingaman, Nicholas P. ORCID logoORCID:, Heywood, Karen J., Joshi, Manoj and Webber, Benjamin G. M. (2020) The effect of seasonally and spatially varying chlorophyll on Bay of Bengal surface ocean properties and the South Asian Monsoon. Weather and Climate Dynamics, 1 (2). pp. 635-655. ISSN 2698-4024 doi:

Goelzer, Heiko, Nowicki, Sophie, Payne, Anthony, Larour, Eric, Seroussi, Helene, Lipscomb, William H., Gregory, Jonathan, Abe-Ouchi, Ayako, Shepherd, Andrew, Simon, Erika, Agosta, Cecile, Alexander, Patrick, Aschwanden, Andy, Barthel, Alice, Calov, Reinhard, Chambers, Christopher, Choi, Youngmin, Cuzzone, Joshua, Dumas, Christophe, Edwards, Tamsin, Felikson, Denis, Fettweis, Xavier, Golledge, Nicholas R., Greve, Ralf, Humbert, Angelika, Huybrechts, Philippe, Le clec'h, Sebastien, Lee, Victoria, Leguy, Gunter, Little, Chris, Lowry, Daniel P., Morlighem, Mathieu, Nias, Isabel, Quiquet, Aurelien, Rückamp, Martin, Schlegel, Nicole-Jeanne, Slater, Donald A., Smith, Robin S., Straneo, Fiamma, Tarasov, Lev, van de Wal, Roderik and van den Broeke, Michiel (2020) The future sea-level contribution of the Greenland ice sheet: a multi-model ensemble study of ISMIP6. The Cryosphere, 14 (9). pp. 3071-3096. ISSN 1994-0424 doi:

Goelzer, Heiko, Noël, Brice P. Y., Edwards, Tamsin L., Fettweis, Xavier, Gregory, Jonathan M., Lipscomb, William H., van de Wal, Roderik S. W. and van den Broeke, Michiel R. (2020) Remapping of Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance anomalies for large ensemble sea-level change projections. The Cryosphere, 14 (6). pp. 1747-1762. ISSN 1994-0424 doi:

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